Vevendo Flashlight

The vevendo SLIM LNE stands out immediately through its delivery: The LED flashlight comes with a quick charger for the car delivered in an elegant packaging. In this it differs from the usual plastic packaging and is therefore ideal as a gift. In the box also the are battery and a normal charging cable included.

The headlight of the SLIM-LINE ends at about 300m at a maximum brightness of 250 lumens. With a price of € 25, it is located at the lower end of the price scale, but offers quite pleasing performance. The length of the LED flashlight is approximately  20cm  in a diameter of about 4.5cm. This places it well in hand and can be easily stowed in a backpack. She also has splash proof to IPX-4 and sturdy design. With a total weight of approximately 520g it however is not one of the lightest and less suitable for longer trips.


The full brightness of 18 watts or 250 lumens can be dimmed continuously be. In this way it is possible to use the vevendo SLIM-LINE as glare or signal light. The switching on / off the flashlight is easy with a push button.

Since those lau manufacturer to a policy design is that vevendo SLIM LINE can be supposedly used for self-defense in case of attacks. Well, we could not tell what the SLIM-LINE now is so particularly distinguished for self-defense anyway. In our opinion, this is just a marketing gimmick.


We could do this while in our test not notice, but some clients Amazon exercised strong criticism of the processing of flashlights from According to reports, the mechanism worked for focusing after a short time no more, some components such as the charging cable proved to be unreliable.

Conclusion vevendo SLIM-LINE

The vevendo SLIM Line can be quite convincing and despite minor shortcomings with direct competition, including the LiteXpress WORKX SOS 1 or the Maglite 3D-Cell absorb quite. Who is worried about the durability, should be ordered through a trusted dealer such as Amazon and possibly make use of the right of return.