Travel to Majorca

Travel to Majorca


It is no wonder that Mallorca is one of the favorite islands in the Mediterranean when people are sitting at home planning for the holidays. In addition to the sunny climate and the turquoise blue water, it is also a small cultural treasure with a rich history. The reasons why so many come here are many. On the one hand it is perfect for sports enthusiasts as the island has many hiking and biking trails and on the other hand it is the nightlife and joy that attracts. Mallorca has been a strong tourist destination ever since the charter made its entry, but now there are also many who try other types of travel. Fly here directly from Arlanda with SAS or Norwegian or take the low-cost airline Ryanair from Skavsta or Landvetter.

Find your niche in Mallorca

No matter what you are interested in, Mallorca certainly has both one or more things that appeal. It is also easy to get around the island by bus or train. Or why not the bike? From the city of Palma there is regular boat traffic to mainland Spain and the other Balearic islands. For who knows, all of a sudden you might get the urge to pay a visit to Barcelona or Ibiza. And if you instead choose to stay on the island, you can fill your days with golf rounds, sunbathing or shopping. There are also travel companies that arrange horseback riding trips, training trips or wine tasting trips. The latter has become much sought after, as Spanish wines in combination with the domestic food, is a real highlight.

From Palma to the playan

Palma is the capital of Mallorca and here you will find a large selection of delicious shoes, stylish clothes and artificial pearls. And for God’s sake, do not forget the world-famous 14th-century cathedral. Just wandering around Palma is nice enough and it is difficult to walk around without looking into the many shops in all corners of the city. The people of Mallorca love their capital and the multiculturalism it has created. Here you will find most nationalities side by side and in the harbor you can be impressed by the charming mix of luxury yachts and fishing boats.
Palma is especially popular as some of Mallorca’s most beautiful beaches are right next door. In this way, you hit two birds with one stone and can satisfy your needs for relaxation, shopping, dining experiences and culture. Slip down on the nearest beach Can Pere Antoni or take bus no. 3 to platja de Illetes less than a mile west of Palma when the urge to swim pushes.

Get around the island

Mallorca has a well-functioning bus network that often has Palma as a common hub. At Plaça Espanya you can go almost anywhere you want. Trains run regularly from Ferrocarril de Soller to five different destinations a day. You can of course also rent a car, but keep in mind that in Spain it is common with extra fees. This is especially true among the local car rental companies and is more noticeable on the cheap vehicles. There is an additional charge for refueling fuel that is paid on site. These sums can feel real if you do not have a thick wallet. They are often around 25 euros but it can be both cheaper or more expensive. In addition, you sometimes take an extra penny if the driver is between 21-25 years, even if the age limit is 21. It is admittedly a small fee of a maximum of 10 euros, but it is still worth knowing.

Travel to Majorca