Travel to Indonesia

Travel to Indonesia


The world’s largest island nation, Indonesia, consists of 13,000 islands – from small uninhabited atolls to huge islands with 260 million inhabitants. Rainforest inhabited by orangutans and natural peoples, colorful coral reefs, volcanoes with beautiful crater lakes, dreamy sandy beaches and nature reserves with unusual animal species such as the javan rhinoceros, sumatratiger and komodo dragon all compete for the visitor’s attention. Visit cellphoneexplorer for Trips to Indonesia.

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Population: 260 million

Capital: Jakarta

Language: Indonesian and a number of minority languages

the first European to set foot on Indonesian soil was Marco Polo in 1293?

Indonesia is one of the world’s oldest homes for the human race? In Java, fossils have been found that are believed to be up to 5 million years old.

Nature and climate in Indonesia

Indonesia’s huge area of ​​5,000 km from east to west would, on a map of Europe, correspond to a distance from Scotland to Iran . This huge island kingdom is a never-ending source of exciting nature with rainforest, coral reefs, active volcanoes and a unique wildlife. The landscape consists of rainforests, lush green rice plantations, rubber plantations and volcanoes that are still active, especially in Java and Sulawesi. The kilometer-long coastline offers everything from snow-white sandy beaches and fish-rich coral reefs to mangrove swamps.

History of Indonesia

More than 260 million people inhabit the thousands of Indonesian islands. More than half live on the island of Java, although this makes up only six percent of the country’s total area. Almost all of Indonesia’s inhabitants are Muslims, which means that the country has the world’s largest Muslim population. It was Muslim traders who introduced Islam to Indonesia in the 15th century. Before that, present-day Indonesia consisted of a series of Indian-influenced kingdoms, and later the powerful Srivijaya and Mayapahite peoples of predominantly Sumatra and Java ruled the area. In 1602, Holland formed its East India Company and ruled the country for over 300 years. Eventually, however, the Dutch were forced to leave Indonesia, as fierce independence movements began to make their voices heard. The changing history has left about 300 different ethnic groups and cultures with influences from around the world. Here you will find, among other things, the great Muslim country’s famous shadow theater, wayang kulit, and many elements from Hindu mythology.

Traveling to Indonesia

With beautiful unspoilt nature and ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, there is plenty to do during a trip to Indonesia. In Java’s cultural stronghold, Yogakarta, are two of the world’s largest temples, the Buddhist Borobudur and the Hindu Prambanan. Bali is Indonesia’s only Hindu island and is an enchanted world of colorful Hindu sacrificial ceremonies and beaches that can make a postcard fade with envy. Here is also the Gunung Kawi temple with ten huge stone coffins carved into the rocks. The island of Lombok is not as modern as other Indonesian islands. Here you will find rural idyll, small fishing villages, wonderful beaches and a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

If nature is on the schedule during the trip, there is plenty to discover. Sail out with a local fisherman to the many small islands. Relax on the Kai Islands’ heavenly beaches among colorful flocks of birds. Embark on an adventure in the labyrinth-like jungle of Sumatra, where you will find huge flowers and the only locally occurring Sumatra orangutan, or let the camera warm up by the Kelimutu lakes. Down in a volcanic crater there are several small lakes, whose colors change from turquoise to coffee brown. But a trip to Indonesia is not just nature. If your body longs for a little more metropolitan pulse, Jakarta offers an energetic atmosphere and crazy traffic!

Climate and weather in Indonesia

Below you can read more about Indonesia’s climate and temperatures for Jakarta and Denpasar in Bali.

Denpasar (Bali)
Daytime temperature 33 33 34 34 33 31 30 30 31 34 33 33
Night temperature 24 24 24 25 24 24 23 23 23 24 24 24
Precipitation (mm) 345 274 234 88 93 53 55 25 47 63 179 276
Daytime temperature 30 30 32 33 33 31 32 32 33 33 31 32
Night temperature 24 24 25 25 25 25 25 25 26 26 25 25
Precipitation (mm) 385 310 100 258 133 83 31 34 29 33 175 84
Medan (Sumatra)
Daytime temperature 32 32 33 33 33 33 33 33 32 32 31 31
Night temperature 22 23 23 24 23 24 24 23 22 23 23 23
Precipitation (mm) 92 115 97 157 178 141 167 185 263 387 253 228

Indonesia extends across the equator and the climate is typical of this area with temperatures that rarely go below 30 degrees, high humidity and a steady stream of rain throughout the year. Between October and April there is a form of rainy season, which means that it rains a little more then than during the rest of the year. The climate is then slightly cooler, but in return the more humid. There are also many parts of Indonesia that do not fit this description. In the jungle areas, it rains most of the year.

Travel to Indonesia