Tips for Sharing Apartment Avoiding Conflicts

Split apartment has become the outlet for many young adults in Brazil. It is very difficult to have an income that makes it possible to stand alone without splitting expenses early in the career and youth. But the person wants to leave the parents’ house, or needs reasons such as going to work or studying in another city.

Tips for Sharing Apartment Avoiding Conflicts

So in this article you learn how to prevent problems when sharing apartment. And thus to have a quieter life with your roommate, avoiding conflicts and problems of coexistence.

Choose people with your profile

The more the person has to do with you the better. If you hate the smell of cigarettes and the other person can not stop smoking throughout the day will be complicated. If you enjoy parties and friends together and the other person prefers a quiet and quiet environment, this will also be a problem.

So the ideal is that when choosing the roommate, you already try to find someone who has more to do with you. With similar profiles it will be calmer and probably the number of conflicts will be smaller.

Learn to respect the differences

Even if you have found someone like you. There will still be differences, this is normal. So do your best to respect the other. If the person likes silence and you love listening to music, opt for a headset.

They are small things that can make a difference and greatly improve the coexistence. Split apartment is like an opportunity to exercise your empathy. Understanding and respecting the difference of the other.

Define task separation

It is important to know what each one will do. To get fairer, everyone can do the dishes they use. House cleaning can be divided by rooms, each one cleaning your room. One week one stays with the bathroom and the living room while the other cleans the kitchen and laundry. The next week you can trade, and so on.

It does not have to be exactly like this, but try to divide the tasks in a way that no one is prejudiced. So everyone collaborates and keeps the house clean and everything in order without anyone working any more.


There are a lot of people who choose to buy their food. This may come out more expensive for both of you. A good idea is to share the basics, so you make a fair with the most important. Cleaning products and foods such as beans, rice, pasta, meat.

Other more custom products like yogurt or cereals and fruits that only one likes can be bought by those who will consume it. So the basics get cheaper for the two and each maintains their food as you prefer without interfering with the colleague.

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Talk about problems

It is very important that you keep a space from the beginning to talk about problems. It is important to listen to others and try to understand. And also talk about what bothers you.

Sometimes a little annoying attitude can become a gigantic snowball when you do not solve it soon. So always try to solve problems by talking civilly as soon as the problem happens.

Be friendly

Nothing like treating your roommate with respect and also in a friendly way. Of course there are days we just want to lie in bed and not see anyone. But it can be great fun watching a series with your rommate or ordering a pizza and talking.

You may discover that the person is amazing and become great friends. There is no reason to keep a cold and distant climate with your colleague. By dividing apartment you are somehow sharing life and can be a very fun journey if you make room for the person.

Set the rules at the beginning

Ideally, talk at the beginning and define all the rules. This makes it easier for everyone to have everything defined and already know how to act. Be honest with your rommate and with you. Worth explaining which things make you very upset and listen to what he can not stand.

So you already define everything in advance and already know how to best act. It is also important to be very responsible with the payments and with your collaboration. Respecting the agreement and always doing your part is the best way to avoid conflicts and maintain a good coexistence.