Thurgau, Switzerland

Thurgau, Switzerland


Baden-Württemberg is the direct neighbor of the canton of Thurgau. The canton is also on the border with the canton of Schaffhausen. The capital of the canton is Frauenfeld. The seat of the government council and the higher court are also located here. It is named after the river Thur.

Thurgau as a business location

Thurgau is home to many small and medium-sized enterprises. These are the economic backbone of the canton. The manufacturing industry in particular is of great importance here and is one of the most important industries and handicrafts in the canton. The metal and mechanical engineering industries have a focus in Thurgau. But the food and luxury food industries are also important economic hubs in Thurgau. In addition, there are companies in the electronics industry and companies in plastic goods.

In recent years, the vehicle manufacturers, as well as the publishing and communication industry, have developed strongly as growth sectors.
What is outstanding in this canton is the mix between agriculture and the mechanical, manufacturing industry.

The combination of tourism and business, as well as Thurgau as a trade fair location, offer the canton many opportunities for financial maintenance of its areas.

The history of the Canton of Thurgau

In the early Middle Ages, the original Thurgau region stretched from the Rhine to the Schöllennen and from Lake Constance to the Aare. It belonged to the Duchy of Swabia.
This was followed by the separation of the areas of central Switzerland from Thurgau in the 9th century. Thurgau and Zürichgau were separated. A little later, Toggenburg and the Appenzellerland also separated from Thurgau.

When King Rudolf II. tried to expand the area from Hochburgund to Thurgau, he met Duke Burchard II of Swabia in 917. However, he had other plans for the area. So it happened as it had to, and the Battle of Winterthur in 919 finally brought Duke Burchard the victory. He secured Thurgau and Zürichgau.

Experience Thurgau

Riding, fishing, cycling, hiking, relaxing, swimming, boating – Thurgau offers all of this to its visitors. Whether you want to spend a whole vacation or a few nice hours in this attractive canton, the choice is huge. The large number of museums and exhibitions is also impressive and certainly leaves nothing to be desired.

The appetite also wants to be satisfied and so you should try the Thurgau specialties. The aromatic and noble Thurgau wines are known and appreciated far beyond the national borders. The pear and apple juices also enjoy the reputation of being the best juices in all of Switzerland.
Enjoy a nice fish with wine? This is almost a must in Thurgau. Because the fish caught in Lake Constance are freshly prepared here and are a real culinary delight. Whitefish are particularly recommended. These are usually served with parsley potatoes as a side dish. Whitefish are particularly tasty when grilled.
If you prefer something hearty, you should try one Try the Thurgau pot roast. The region’s sauerbraten is also a treat.
Thurgau is also known as the cheese region. The famous Blue Star, a blue cheese, is made here.
The sweet deserts and desserts are an absolute highlight. They are made with great care and are also a real treat as a single dish.

Thurgau, Switzerland