Mexico in the 1930's

Mexico in the 1930’s

According to localcollegeexplorer, President Cárdenas continued the policy of reforms according to the six-year plan of 1934. Up to September 1940 more than 18 million ha. dispossessed had been distributed among more than 10,600 indigenous communities (ejidos), grouping over 1 million growers; the railways were nationalized (June 1937). To protect the indigenous worker, immigration was […]

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Mexico public policy

Mexico Foreign Policy

President López Mateos, consistent with his reformism, fought against the foreign companies in whose hands almost the entire electricity industry was found, which at the end of 1961 was totally nationalized; he did not tolerate, however, the opposition, made up largely of intellectuals, students and railway workers, against which he used the strong manner. Land […]

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