Pisograma, Concregrama, Floor Ecological


  1. How to put pisograma
  2. How much does pisograma cost

Have you heard about pisograma? Some people know it is a grass or floor concregrama. You might not even know the name, but you know what is the pisograma. It is a concrete floor poured in which there is space for the grass to grow and protects it from being trampled or crushed by cars.

This type of flooring has many advantages and the main is that the site doesn’t get waterlogged since the soil underneath can breathe and absorb water, unlike the concrete floors which are waterproofed.

This type of flooring is ideal for outdoor areas and make the environment very nice and it is much better for the environment. They are also very sturdy, but if they are placed in locations where the passage of vehicles is constant, it is necessary to use a special type.

They have very varied forms. If your neighbor put a pisograma in the yard, and you are also eager it; you don’t need to buy a same pisograma for your yard, and you can use a floor with different designs.

In addition, nothing prevents you from using the pisograma with other types of floor. It also has an advantage that few floors have. If you put pisograma in your backyard and then move, you can take them to your new home and reinstall, and the reuse of parts is 100%. Besides, it prtects the environment.


The installation is so simple that you don’t need skilled labor to do this. You can simply set it on a layer of coarse sand or stone dust even without need any special tool or machine.

After it is installed, you put topsoil in the middle of the spaces and you can plant grass over there.

In addition to not work at install time, you do not need to “interdict” the location of the installation for drying or stuff like that, right after you have placed, it can free up the movement of people or vehicles.

As it is so simple to put on and remove, this makes it easier for the case of doing a work under the ground as passage of pipe or stuff.


The values can vary depending on the region, material, size, shape and color. There is also something important to mention that you can choose different colors to make the environment even more beautiful. The average price of pisograma is R$50 per square meter.

Last but not the least, taking the external area with pisograma is cheaper than putting ceramic flooring, concrete pure or grass, because you will spend a much less on maintenance and have a floor for many years. Besides the durability, it is reusable; you can take it if you move your house.

There is no doubt that among the countless options for outdoor flooring, pisograma is the best. Your environment is going to great, and you’ll spend little and won’t have a headache.