Old House Restoration: Marilia

A few meters from Avenida Paulista and its glazed buildings, this brick house exposed survives. Built in 1915, the residence has been preserved by the creative restoration project SuperLimao Studio, which converted the house into a commercial space.

The task was not easy. With nearly a century of existence, the house was built in masonry with very compartmentalized spaces, and has undergone several renovations.

A number of structural changes to unify the environments, and the office chose to make them explicit, contrasting the old with the new was needed. Thus, there arises an exoskeleton of steel frame that supports the load of the project, plus two floors.

The restoration techniques are inspired by the preservation work done in medieval works in Italy. In Sao Paulo, the studio wanted to mark the passage of time, exposing the brickwork, metal channels and all the “layers” of reforms for which the house passed.

The roof beams, floors, door frames and windows are not restored, were transformed into furniture and coatings, reinvention in which the office also stands out in projects like Firma Casa and Sofa Café.

In this work, the external floor was executed with old broken tiles and the door was tailored to the roof beams.

Another striking feature of the architects work is the balance between legislation and energy efficiency. The shape is pyramid shaped according to the occupation laws and promotes a healthy environment in the interior. All spaces are flexible and have terraces, and can be accessed by a lift.

As for sustainability, the house Marilia (now an office) also earn points. Ventilation is crossed and has been studied by electronic models, reducing the cost of artificial ambiance.

Rainwater is also collected through hidden under the floor drains, to be then filtered and stored in two reservoirs of 10,000 liters. Small vessels were also placed on top of the project, allowing the water to descend by gravity, with minimal need for pumping.

Even the prefabricated structure was specified to reduce transportation costs and related emissions of carbon dioxide.

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