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Culture, events and nightlife

In Krabi, a holiday does not include any classical music concerts, opera or the like, but quite different things are important there. Exploring the Krabi area, both by land and water, is one of the most essential pastimes, and tasting food, seeing different beaches and enjoying the tropical climate are also important. If you want to see something special in Krabi, for example, the evening markets in the city of Krabi, the most popular of which is the Walking Street Night Market on Friday – Sun, offer places with special entertainment opportunities and sometimes even performances.

Instead of traditional cultural outings, Krabi can go to watch Thai boxing, there are various events and the nightlife attracts many. Krabi is not a similar center of nightlife to Pattaya or Phuket, and it is not worth going there just for the sake of partying. However, meaningful things can be found there both during the day and in the evening.

Thai boxing

Sports: Thai boxing

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a violent, violent sport that many have seen on television. What makes the Krabi species particularly interesting is that it is based on a species called the Krabi Krabong , and learns from it that “Krabi” means crown, or curved, single-edged sword. However, Thai boxing is a similar sport to boxing and does not use aids, and while Thai boxing can be seen in many parts of the world, watching it in Thailand is something completely different. There are also gyms in many places in Thailand that have not only normal equipment but also a perimeter where you can have good luck with boxers training.

Noppharat Thara is located in the slightly incorrectly named Ao Nang Krabi Stadium. It’s pretty close to the beach and the market square on Wednesdays, and it’s easy to get tickets for the matches there almost anywhere. They should not be bought, for example, from the websites of foreign, international tour operators, as they are more expensive than normal. Under no circumstances can Thai boxing be seen cheaply in a Krabi-style tourist destination, and tickets usually cost 1,200 to 1,500 baht anyway. At this price, however, you usually see 9 struggles, and the price-quality ratio is often good.

Krabi Stadium is the largest in southern Thailand and hosts matches on Mondays and Fridays throughout the year from November to April. The matches are not just a fight, but different opening ceremonies and other traditions make the whole event a colorful show. Krabi’s matches are of a fairly high standard, and while they don’t make it to Bangkok’s matches, they are quite different from show-style Thai boxing matches held at some other tourist destinations. If you’re lucky, Krabi Stadium can have a “big show” like that a few times a year where you can see the biggest names in the sport at a normal price. Tickets for the match can be purchased from any travel agency or booth selling trips and excursions, and are also available through accommodations and other operators. Tickets can also be purchased at the stadium,

In addition to watching matches, other times you can learn Thai boxing at the stadium, and instruction is even given to children and teens. The best time to go to the stadium in terms of training is from 10 am to 4 pm.


Krabi has a variety of events that will give your vacation an extra kick. There is some happening from November to April, but the events are usually a little different than what Europe is used to. There are extremely few different holiday days that would close shops and restaurants, and the majority of holiday times are associated with either Chinese New Year , Thai New Year celebrations, and royal-related celebrations. Chinese New Year is a time when it is not worth moving from one place to another but it is worth staying in their fields for a few days. Many travel at this time, and the means of transport are full and often late. Holidays , the majority of which do not actually close places, can be viewed on Time and Data.

Just at the beginning of the travel season, in fact just before that, Loi Krathong , held in November, during the full moon , is considered quite strenuous . Its timing varies from year to year, but it is often in early November.

The celebration, which has been in December in recent years, is the Buddhist Chak Phra , which is celebrated only in southern Thailand. Krabi is not one of the main places, but if you are touring the area and want to see this celebration, Surat Thani is one of the main places.

Christmas and New Year can be seen in Krabi, and especially shopping malls, hotels and tourist-oriented restaurants hold Christmas decorations and play Christmas carols in English. Some restaurants hold special Christmas and New Year’s dinners and other celebrations, and if you leave for Krabi for Christmas or New Year, they won’t be completely missed.

One of the worst times to be in Thailand is Songkran festival time. Although in Thailand the year is officially changed at the turn of the year (2019 is 2562 in Thailand), the official New Year is only in April. As the time varies according to the movements of the moon, it is always a little different, but in the following years it is around mid-April. This is a very strenuous and in many ways dangerous time to be in Thailand, and not everyone likes constant, all-watering water wars, for example. On the backs of trucks and other vehicles, there are people with big cannons and water guns, and they water passers-by and anything that hits along the route. Someone might also, for fun, pour ice-cold water in from the shirt, someone else might come in and suddenly give a quick, free face painting, and someone might put some jerk in their mouth. Everything should be protected from water, and money and other valuables should be kept as little as possible, as criminals are also on the move, and especially on a bike or scooter. However, by mid-April it is already a rainy, hot and humid season, when it makes no sense for Krabi to travel.

Songkran festival time

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