How to Decorate Children’s Room Without Errors?

With questions about children’s room decor? So check out the best tips on the subject. How about decorating the bedroom based on some theme? When I think of themed decorations, just remember the painting I used to watch in my childhood. Oh, it would be a dream if at that time I could have a whole room inspired by the Cinderella, for example. Or, imagine a room decorated with the theme of Toy Story? Every kid’s dream, I believe. Yes you can innovate in time to decorate children’s rooms. In addition to being beautiful, the best part is to receive several smiles, isn’t it? If you don’t have the slightest idea of themes for decorating, don’t worry. Here you will find ideas and tips for decorating themed room.

The theme can be chosen according to taste of the child, so it’s easier to decide what decoration use. Below you can see theme bedroom decorating tips for masculine, feminine, and unisex. Check out some ideas:

Children’s Themed Room Ideas


The most common theme for nursery feminine Barbie. In my opinion, this themed decor is the easiest to do and also looks great! Just perfect in pink, pink duvet mobile, white with pink pillow, i.e. just use enough pink in decor. Your daughter will love!

1) Barbie Children’s Room Decor

2) Minnie Children’s Room Decor

3) The Little Mermaid Children’s Room Decor


The choice of theme for decorating children’s room male can become a bit more labor-intensive, when compared to the women’s room. However, using the creativity you can create beautiful bedrooms for the boys. Below you can check some decorating ideas. Check out!

1) Cars Children’s Room Decor

Your child will love! Buy children’s room decor cars: Shoptime.

2) Cartoon Rio2 Children’s Room Decor

3) Summer Children’s Room Decor

Below you can see a video of Heidi architect Lemos, tips on how to decorate the room with the Superhero theme.

Unisex Themed Toom Decoration

Pair of brothers sleep in the same room? No need to worry, because below you can see unisex themed room decoration tips. Look how nice! I’m sure your son and daughter will love it.