Herstal Lucia Giant LED Tree Light

LED Tree LightHerstal Lucia Light Bulbs

Size: H170 cm and H250cm
Brand: Herstal Christmas
Color (s): Dark Brown
Dimmable: No
Light source: 216 LED or 320 LED diodes w/warm white light
Cord length: 8 m cord included
Light type: discount LED lamps
Comments: IP44-can be used both outdoors and indoors

Herstal Lucia LED Tree Light

  1. A super fine and very large tree light with 270 or 320 LED diodes.
  2. Don’t forget the small trees and get the way biggest tree light with!
  3. Lucia tree light can be used both outdoors and indoors.

That included small plastic “flowers” that can be put on each diode, but they can also be omitted.
Note that is not the same number of flowers as there is diodes.