Getting to Bermuda

Getting to Bermuda

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Arrival Bermuda

Airplane: There is no national airline in Bermuda. There are regular direct flights between Bermuda and the USA, Canada and the UK. Travelers coming from other countries have to change trains in one of these three countries. Over 90% of Bermuda’s air traffic comes from the United States.

Airlines that offer connections to Bermuda are:

  • Continental Airlines (daily direct flights from Newark Airport, New York),
  • Air Canada (one daily flight from Toronto and one weekly flight from Halifax),
  • United Airlines (a weekly flight from Chicago),
  • American Airlines (daily non-stop flights from New York),
  • British Airways (five flights a week from London),
  • Delta Air Lines (daily direct flights from Boston and Atlanta),
  • US Airways (daily direct flights from Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington)
  • USA3000 (twice a week flights from Baltimore and New York),

Airports: the only airport in Bermuda is Bermuda International (LF Wade, BDA). It is located 10 miles east of Hamilton. Buses and taxis run into town.

Ship: Bermuda has three major seaports: Hamilton, West End / Royal Naval Dockyard and St. George.
Bermuda receives numerous cruise lines. Every year, more than 200,000 passengers come to the island during the cruise season between April and mid-November. Bermuda cruises usually last a week, half of which is spent in Bermuda. The typical cruise ship is basically a floating resort with swimming pools, dinner shows, casinos and several restaurants. An average of 650 to 2,000 passengers are transported.

The following four cruise lines offer regular cruises to Bermuda:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line operates from Boston every Sunday April through October and from New York May through October. The destination in Bermuda is St. George
  • Celebrity Cruises : Depart New York April through October and Norfolk, Virginia May through October. The ships anchor in Bermuda Hamilton and St. George
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line : Departs New York May through October. Destinations in Bermuda are St. George and Hamilton
  • Radisson Seven Seas Cruises : Depart New York April through September. The ships anchor in Hamilton and St. George

Sailing is very popular in Bermuda, with visitors coming to Bermuda for regattas or solo excursions. Most sailors start on the east coast of the USA. Bermuda is located approximately 640 nautical miles southeast of the state of Virginia, 670 nautical miles from New York and 690 nautical miles from Boston. Sailing time depends on the weather and the boat, but the typical travel time between Bermuda and the US East Coast is five to six days.
All yacht sailors are required to complete customs, immigration and health formalities upon entry into the port of St. George.

Bermuda Visa and Entry Requirements

Bermuda is a British crown colony, but the same entry requirements do not apply here as for Great Britain.


is generally required for entry into Bermuda. Upon entry, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

Citizens of EU countries and Switzerland do not need a visa for a stay of a maximum of 21 days in Bermuda. This applies to both tourists and business travelers. Residence extensions can be requested from the Department of Immigration.

Upon entry, a return or onward travel ticket and an accommodation address in Bermuda must be proven.

In order to take up a job in Bermuda, you absolutely need a work permit.

Entry with children
For accompanying children, the same visa requirements apply as for their parents.

If minors are to travel alone to Bermuda, a declaration of consent from the legal guardian is required. This declaration must indicate who is responsible for the child in Bermuda. In addition, a contact address in your home country and in Bermuda should be given, and it should also be stated that the costs of return transport will be covered in the event of illness or an accident.

Germany: You need your own passport for children.

Austria: Children need their own passport.

Switzerland: Children need their own passport.

Bermuda climate

The 150 or so coral islands of Bermuda are located in the Atlantic Ocean at the 32nd degree of latitude (comparable to Madeira). The coast of the US state of North Carolina is the closest point in North America (about 1,030 km northwest of the Bermuda Islands).

The Bermuda Islands have a subtropical, warm and humid climate that is heavily influenced by the Gulf Stream. This warm current makes mild temperatures possible all year round. In the cooler winter, the maximum daily temperatures are around 20 ° C, at night the winter temperatures drop to around 15 ° C. However, temperatures can drop to 5 ° C in January.

Rainfall in Bermuda is moderate and evenly distributed throughout the year. There is a slight decrease in rainfall in April. On average, around 1,400 mm of precipitation falls on Bermuda.

The temperatures rise from April to over 25 ° C, with peaks in August. At this time, the nights are no longer as cool as at the beginning of the year.

There are always hurricanes in September.

Best travel time for Bermuda

According to, there are two seasons of the year for Bermuda tourism. The summer season refers to the months April to October when Bermuda enjoys its warmest air and water temperatures and perfect conditions for swimming, snorkeling and diving. It’s also the busiest time on the island, with more visitors and plenty of entertainment. Midsummer is the most humid time of the year and due to the high humidity (which is 84% ​​in August) weather conditions can get a little uncomfortable.

The winter season (November through March) is a little too chilly for swimming, and many companies that offer diving and boat tours take a break during this time. However, accommodations can be up to 40% cheaper during this period and you can escape the crowds and northern winter. The best conditions for windsurfing tend to be in winter.

Getting to Bermuda