Functionality in Little Space: 8-Room Apartment in 39 m²

Life in big cities requires us to adapt to ever smaller spaces. Only in 2013, the price of real estate in Brazil increased 110%, while the average income of people grew by only 26%. We’ve talked about the trend of micro-living here in the website.

But how to put together comfort, functionality and privacy in apartments so low? Thinking about it, Graham Hill, entrepreneur and founder of a sustainability website, used his own apartment in New York as inspiration.

Will Graham believes in the concept that it is possible to live well even in small places. In 2009, he bought two apartments in New York and launched a challenge to designers around the world: make the most of the space of just 39 square meters. The final apartment would be for two people, but should have office, bathroom, kitchen, table for 12 people and two beds for visitors. Over 300 projects were submitted, and the chosen design was developed by two students of architecture from Romania.

In all, the apartment has 8 rooms, which change with the help of functional furniture and sliding walls. The living room and the office, for example, saw the room thanks to the shelf.

One of the closets is home to 10 chairs and dining table mountable Goliath, which we have shown here in the website.

The guest bedroom with bunk beds and another closet arise when a wall is slid. In addition, the apartment also has Home Theater and works based gadgets and sustainable resources.