Flights and trips to the Golden Sands




Flights and trips to the Golden Sands

The flight to Bulgaria is short, only about three hours. Finland has good flight connections to Bulgaria, especially during the summer season. Flights cost about 200-500 euros, depending on the season and connections.

The nearest airport is Varna International Airport. Varna is located about 18 km south of the Golden Sands.

Golden Sands is also part of the package tour offer of many travel agencies during the summer season and is a typical sudden departure destination.

Hotels and accommodation

Naturally, there are many hotels in the Golden Sands as a popular tourist destination. The hotel selection is wide and varied.

In the tourist hotel areas, you can stay in a luxury class hotel, apartment and family hotel as well as in a more modest hostel. There is a campsite near the beach, so the destination is also suitable for campers.

The most popular hotels are located near the beach or in the center. Accommodation in Bulgaria is quite affordable. You can get a good or medium level hotel room for about 30-90 euros.

Flights and trips to the Golden Sands

Mobility and public transport

The resort center and the beach are easy to walk, as there are many car-free areas on the Golden Sands.

Getting around in Bulgaria is advantageous by public transport. There are two mini trains in the Golden Sands tourist area, in addition to which you can also travel by bus or affordable taxis in the resort town. Buses in particular are a popular form of travel, as bus travel is affordable and the route network is comprehensive.

In addition to buses, you can also travel by train on longer journeys. There is a train connection from the Golden Sands to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, for example.


Golden yellow sand beach

Golden yellow sand beach

The long sandy beach of the Golden Sands is often called one of the most magnificent beaches in Europe. The sandy beach of the Golden Sands is golden yellow, wide and almost four kilometers long.

There are many activities on the beach, such as water sports. There is also a diving school on the Golden Sands.

There are many restaurants, cafés and shops along the seafront promenade. In the evenings, you can enjoy the lively nightlife on the promenade.

Aquapolis water park

To the northwest of the Golden Sands is the Aquapolis Water Park, which offers activities for both children and adults. Located in the corner of the nature park, the lush water park has its own areas for children, adults and extreme enthusiasts.

In the children’s area of ​​the water park you will find water playgrounds suitable for even small children, in the area of ​​adults a little wilderness, and in the extreme area there is a real spin.

Zlatni Piasats Nature Park

Near the Golden Sands is the Zlatni Piasats Nature Park, which was declared a protected area in 1943. The nature park is a protected area of ​​more than nine square kilometers where you can get to know the flora and fauna of Bulgaria.

Golden Sands Nature Park is known for its lush vegetation and interesting species in the area. For example, many oak species grow in the nature reserve, but also more exotic plants. The fauna of the area includes many species of reptiles and birds.

The nature reserve is located right next to the sandy beach of Kultahietikko. Aquapolis Water Park is located in an area cleaved from a nature park.

Aladzha monastery ruins

The ruins of the Aladzha Rock Monastery are few cultural sites in the region. The nearly 800-year-old ruins are located about three kilometers from the Golden Sands.

The historic area is open daily and admission costs a couple of euros.

Shopping city of Varna

Called the summer capital of Bulgaria, Varna is a short drive away and offers good shopping opportunities.

Varna is an affordable and versatile shopping destination. In addition to local boutiques, Varna’s shopping streets and malls also feature international boutiques such as clothing and electronics stores.

You can get to Varna from the Golden Sands, for example, by bus or taxi.


The best attractions of the Golden Sands

The best attractions of the Golden Sands

  1. Golden sands sandy beach
  2. Zlatni Piasats Nature Park
  3. The city of Varna
  4. Aquapoilis water park
  5. Aladzhan Rock Monastery