Famous Homes: Jennifer Aniston, No Two without Three

If there is one famous that has good taste for houses and decoration, it is undoubtedly Jennifer Aniston, We had already seen in Decoesfera two houses which had bought previously, without going last year more away, an apartment in New York that my let me now in love, has bought a mansion in Bel Air eight thousand square meters, with swimming pool and vineyards, which is really impressive.

Open spaces, huge windows, very bright, just furniture but well chosen, predominance of the white colour with touches of intense tones mainly in primary colors, four bedrooms, six bathrooms, dining rooms… and all modern and very stylish, We are going to gossip a little house, surely you are already looking forward to seeing it.

We started commenting a bit the exterior and common areas, already you could imagine that the pool is like in a dream, taking into account that the extension of the property is as I said eight thousand square meters there is room for all, vineyards, huge gardens, swimming pool, jacuzzi, covered terrace, solarium and all that you want for leisure and relaxation.

All the outdoor furniture they are white and combine with textile finishing metal structures, may already have enough staff to clean and wash all these things, because although it’s all beautiful, in the House of a normal mortal, maintenance of all this would be a big problem, of course, I imagine that that Jennifer you will have a lot of people working at home so all of this is as clean and beautiful as we see it.

The House has a lot of living rooms and unlike what happens in most famous houses, here the style is nothing classic, to my I love to see how they are decorated, although I also think that to be rooms that are used are a little cold, I think lack them that point of disorder that creates atmosphere and feeling of home.

The White is very popular and is contrasted with touches of bright red, but everything is so clean and so well placed to think giving Peña sit, perhaps also be the photos, which are like magazine, perhaps when Jen is at home, pulls out some clothes and books and the atmosphere now is more personal.

All rooms which is on these lines is that found me warmer, because it is more smaller than the rest and is curious that although all we love large spaces, the ends are not good in any case and sometimes somewhat smaller is more welcoming, if I lived in this House, I believe that this is the room that would use more.

Is also the color walls, more than wood It brings warmth and the books, that in addition to being many are twisted and bring that point of disorder that we miss other stays and which makes it seem that here it lives someone.

In the House there are several tables for dinners and lunches, but I chose this because I loved the detail of the table in white with the chairs of different colors, they form a beautiful set, if you look well we see that there are even changes color on the legs of the table and that kind of contrast to my I love.

The soil color It is beautiful and being clear, emphasized much furniture, so many mats are not used and those that exist are not too big. It is also important to pay attention to the lighting, fixed in the ceiling light points, combined with floor lamps, House is totally foreign and natural light is in the main daytime actor.

And we came to the bedrooms, remains the same style, although in this case has been chosen by the blue to contrast instead of red, there are bedrooms with details in other shades, the predominance of white is again fundamental and again to my me is somewhat excessive, but that’s a matter of taste.

In my opinion being so large spaces and the House so bright, it could Add more color It all part of that natural light, with both white to my set remains me somewhat trust, perhaps in the screens of the lamps, pads, or in a blanket at the foot of the bed, little more than color would not come over.

The bathroom It could not be less impressive than the rest of the House, there are actually six, but I have chosen that most caught my attention, completely exterior actually is much more than a bathroom, is a space designed and decorated for rest and relaxation, many would pay for there spend a few hours of disconnection.

If you stay with the desire of more I leave you in the Gallery more photos of the House, more common spaces and rooms, all decorated in the same style, maybe I would contrast with the atmosphere in any room, but the truth is that all what I’ve seen I love, and so when you get tired of this and go to buy another, if it makes me a good price I I dare.

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