Double Bedroom Accessories: Cushions and Granfoulard

Having decided on the appearance of the presentation of our bed, whether it consists of a set of sheets, a cotton bedspread or a warm down jacket, depending on the seasons and our tastes, we have to enrich it with the most suitable accessories.

The bed also loves to be equipped.

The hosts more attention to questions of style adore change and change again, with a certain frequency, bedroom accessories, in order to avoid boredom of combinations always equal to themselves and to change things in your room, every time who feel the need.

Granfoulard and decorative pillows are the most popular additions to enrich the bed. The decorative pillows can be matched to the bed cover using two main strategies.

Experts advise to combine colorful pillows with significant fantasies in blankets and / or quilts single color, so as to give maximum emphasis to the accessory.

An example of multi-colored accessory great for double impact is the model of Peacock Feather of DDLBiz. Also see for Japanese pillowcases.

A cushion of 43 cm to 43 cm, which seems a real canvas, with a multitude of colorful strokes, aimed at portraying a peacock’s tail in all its wonder.

A complement that is maximum emphasis on bed covers single color, especially blue or white, for a final effect of absolute elegance.

The other strategy is to combine single color cushions , perhaps made ​​of special fabrics, such a blanket featuring a fantasy rather cumbersome, to avoid overloads and redundancies.

Sannysis® is on the market with a variety of decorative pillows in a variety of colors Velvet: red orange, fuchsia, green, yellow, blue and purple.

It is good quality and well finished accessories, that allow the landlord with a minimum cost to keep changing, thanks to the color component, expression to their room.

With regard to the other by double bed accessory of great success in the modern-style furniture, or the Granfoulard, we could talk in terms of decorative cloth whose essential characteristics are lightness and embossed patterns.

It is a typical accessory of the summer season. When they get nice weather and the heat it is customary to simply cover the bed with the sheets.

But on important occasions (an event, a dinner with friends, a special evening…), so that the bed looks bare and the room a bit shabby, you can use an accessory able to give great prominence to the environment as a Granfoulard.

Made of fine fabrics with large prints and characterized by ornamental decorations, the Granfoulard can be positioned in the classical way on the bed, or to cover the sheets; They can be arranged at an angle, leaving a glimpse of the corners of the bed and the sheets that cover it; They can be placed on foot, bent on themselves, creating an ornamental band time to break the monotony of monochrome sheets.

Whatever its location, the chic effect is assured.

The extremely modern ornamental cloth Model G050 Carillo.

It is a Granfoulard of 260 cm wide by 280 cm in length, characterized by a printing in black and white of a metropolitan scenario.

The selection of Carillo is quite interesting, because next to the base model, offers other paintings characterized by light-dark contrast, which fits every time some subject in color relief, in lively colors, offering the possibility to choose the ones that best suited to our room (yellow, red, green).

It is ideal accessories to bring color and cheer to the bedroom .

Home Textiles is distinguished by the successful proposal of Granfoulard one color , you can, thanks to affordable price, interchange to make the pairings each time more congenial with the set of sheets in use.

Many variants to choose from: blue, light blue, gray, brown, beige, white, light pink, fuchsia, orange, red, yellow and green; each capable of carrying large bedroom vibrancy and positivity.