Chaise Longue | How to Choose the Ideal

Chaise Longue | How to Choose the Ideal

From the French, “long chair”, the chaise longue are for all furniture: living room, office, bedroom and also in the external area. It is a good way of bringing comfort to the environment saving space, since, some times are replaced by couches. Before you buy your, check out some aspects that may influence the decision.

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Since its emergence, with its peak in the 80’s and 90’s, the paint lacquer has been bringing color and life to the environments for being versatile when we speak about color palette – there are more than a thousand shades and textures to choose from! In addition, the lacquer holds up today as one of the finishes most commonly used in mobile by the finish of the highest standard delivered to the product, even to the most old ones that are restored and become clean. PROCESS THE application can be made in various materials, like wood, metal, glass, and iron. The process of lacquering requires the sanding of the mobile, followed by a primer, which will leave the part is soft and sealing the pores. The third step is the application of the paint with a paint gun, and this ink specifically for this purpose. The final process is what will determine the type of paint you want, if…


The future residents of this apartment are a young couple, who called us to do the Project Express of the living room and dining room. They already had all the furniture planned, but did not know the best way to furnish the rest of the apartment. The design For this project we have chosen a palette of colors as well current, with a


The characteristic present in everything that is able to pass through generations is the timelessness. In this the genius of the stay are the classics, recognized wherever we are (and in design would be no different). Although the essence of the product remains the same, the revisions create a new air to the parts – update of materials, colors and shapes, giving classic furniture a drapery of the present day. WHY INVEST IN THEM? Invest in a classic design is not making mistakes, knowing that the piece brought with it a lot of research, attempts, and, finally, success. It is amazing how an environment can be highlighted with the addition of one of these classics, it certainly has a concept behind each corner of the mobile. Have one in your house is also synonymous with elegance. They all have a unique design that never goes out of fashion. Even if you decide to change the decor and give a remodeled in the environment,…

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Decorate the house can be a task delicious, but it requires dedication and attention so that the result is harmonic. It is not because we are in the middle of winter that don’t care about the action of the sea in the houses on the coast, which makes the decoration a mission even more delicate because the salty air can deteriorate objects. Objects that provide relaxation to Those seeking real estate on the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, for example, with over 600 km of the coast, want to spend moments of relaxation, of calmness, of relaxation, with much warmth. Therefore, opt for furniture that provide these perceptions, whether for housing or for stays of season. MATERIALS IDEAL materials ideal for the decoration pieces who has a house on the coast, for example, in Rio das Ostras, a city with a high rate of sea spray, are natural and handmade, such as the reusable and the fibers. You also…



It is not today that the sofas and armchairs retractable fell in the taste of the consumer, and the reason is quite clear: practical and super comfortable. Many allow you to adjust the placement of the reclínio, providing more comfort for this moment of relaxation. With the technology present increasingly more in our routine, the way of designing a house also comes adapting: home office, home automation, tablets, ebooks, smartphones… and to give you a plus in the upholstery retractable a bet is the electric mechanism, which has complied with the mastery of its role of offering convenience even greater than we already had in our day-to-day. Just a click on the cushion if you fall in love with! Chair Sleep Reclining Electric: reaches the 1,80 m of depth, when open, In the case of sofas, the division of modules makes it easy to control on which seat will be reclined. The consumer can choose if they would like to include the electric mechanism…


After the decision of purchase of own home, begin the search for the ideal property, and that it fits in the pocket of the client. There are several options of apartments for sale in Curitiba. Between new and used, the size is the main difference in the prices, as well as the location. With the lack of space in the large cities and the size of the real estate properties are decreasing and the price per square meter increasing. In the face of this new reality, you need to have creativity and personality at the time of decorating the small environments. A good option may be the puffs, which take up very little space in the rooms and bring modernity to the place. To help in the decoration of small environments separated some interesting tips of how to use this accessory in the most varied spaces of the house. Let’s go! Decorating the house with puffs After you choose one of the homes for sell in Curitiba and close the deal, reached…

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If today we enjoy the comfort of the seats, we should thanks to the pharaohs of Egypt (yes! :), That there are more than 5,000 years used thrones as synonymous with wealth and power. Coated with gold, and precious stones, they symbolized the superiority of the king before the people. Among the romans the tradition was similar: the chairs were placed


Inspired in the houses of the brazilian colonial period, the Line of Houses was developed by Nuovo Design and brings a re-read modern of the striking features of the architecture of this period, such as: the Predominance of full in relation to empty; the Presence of arches; the Uprights to the front and side. Added to this, the Line also offers beauty, detailing and superior functionality. It is composed by dining table, sideboard, buffet and bench, coated on the blade jequitibá and dyed, blades or special lacquer. The feet are in solid wood jequitibá natural dyed , being that the buffet also has the option of lacquer. Check out more about the collection here. SPECIAL DISCOUNT!! The whole Row of Houses is on sale in the virtual store. ? Schedule, because it will expire in 20/04/18. DINING TABLE SIDEBOARD BUFFET BANK Any questions on how to use the mobile in the best way? Here on the blog we have some tips for dining tables and sideboards that can give a little help….


2018 is just starting but already we see trends that are gaining strength in the decoration. The quest for balance and inner peace comes from taking care of the people, and reflecting on diverse areas – including in the architecture. As, for example, in the use of neutral colours and light, that hang to a style more clean and contemporary. Wood is a material that will also appear with frequency this year, in contrast with materials such as metals and stones. Images: Luana Aguiar Interiors; Shop Unusual.