Before and After: Reform Tips Toilets and Washbasins

Whether for functional, aesthetic or hydraulic reasons, the time to reform the bathroom will come. But do not worry, the website prepared this guide to bring together a number of important tips to renew your environment.

The first step is to identify your needs: You need some reform in the pipeline? More space? Or want to give personality to the environment without riot? In all cases, it is essential to consult an architect and hire labor, skilled workers to plan their retirement.

Another important tip is to respect the environment dimensions. You can get the measures through easily MagicPlan, a mobile application that draws plants. If there is no intention to break the walls and enlarge the bathroom physically, you can also position mirrors and vertical tiles, which give the impression that the ceiling height and breadth of space are higher.

Keeping a budget can also help the economy. When choosing coatings for example, visit this section of the website and compare products. At the end you can generate a budget, export to Excel and take with you at the time of purchase, whether in physical stores or online.

Do not forget to review the plumbing facilities and electricity and make sure your retirement is consistent with these previous settings. Simple measures such as exchange of showers, records, drains and grouts can facilitate cleaning and save water and energy. See how light your bathroom properly in this post.

Of course, be inspired. More reform projects in the gallery and several articles that teach to paint and customize your tiles, and gather decorating tips.