Bedroom, Here’s How to Furnish in Ethnic Style

Today we want to devote your attention to the bedroom. We are talking about a special place, where we rest after a busy day. As a result, it is very important to try to furnish it to the fullest, in the style you prefer. In particular, we have decided to deal with how to decorate the house in ethnic style.

As for the rest of the environments which we have already treated, in this case you will have to love especially the distant countries, that recall the ‘Africa.

This type of furniture sees the focus elements of furniture from dark shades, canopy beds and statues Masai.

In addition, you need to decide on what to bet: Arabic style, with elegant and refined features, or oriental style, rigorous lines and basic? It all depends on your personal taste and no one can better conoscergli of yourself.

However, we can offer interesting ideas on neck pillowcases, so you can give your room an elegant atmosphere and great taste.

Seek inspiration in African lodge to start by focusing on beds made ​​of dark wood combined with white mosquito nets.

They welcome the Maasai figurines and small trophies to hang on the wall as a reminder.

Recommended also pictures, which will depict the typical animals of the savannah.

Only with these small details, your bedroom will take on a decidedly exotic and original look .

From the tone point of view, we focus on the colors warm and vivid: an example? Each color must remember the sun, animal fur or scorched earth.

As for the fabrics need to focus on something fresh and light, so the linen and cotton will be fine.

Try to customize your bed with pillows in rich colors, such as orange, yellow and red; The blankets must submit animal prints.

Even the carpets are of great importance: choose those rough-and shades of beige, white or sand.

If you want to give the place the typical magic of the Middle East, you choose white, silver or cobalt blue as predominant colors.

The fabrics have to be switched on, enriched with golden or shiny beads decorations; the headboard will recall the North African ports of yesteryear.

The d ‘systems lighting have not been forgotten: the green light to openwork lanterns, they will give life to the fantastic play of light throughout the room.

Trunks or suitcases can become dated bedside.

If you love the style of ‘Far East no problem: we have ideas and advice for this kind of furniture.

The furniture will be represented by essential, geometric lines, with beds made of bamboo.

Again we opt for the canopy, provided it is used the given material.

There are many brands on the market that try to give a more modern look to the furniture and the ethnic style: you can, for there are special furnishings that fit perfectly in such a colorful and unique environment.

The end result will always be a room original and evocative to spend pleasant moments.