Aruba Landmarks

Aruba Landmarks

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Aruba is a small island paradise that has wonderful sights to offer. One of the highlights of the island is the capital, Oranjestad. Here you will find Wilhelminastreet, where visitors can find many shopping opportunities, or Fort Zoutman, built in 1796, which was built to defend the city.

If you want to learn something about the country and the people, you should take a tour of the island. Here you can admire many natural sights, such as the Spanish Lagoon, which in the past allegedly served as a pirate hideout. At the Frenchman’s Pass vantage point you have a very good view of the island.
A nice beach vacation can be spent on the west coast of the island. Water sports enthusiasts can also spend their vacation here diving and snorkeling.

According to, Aruba is one of the so-called ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). Venezuela’s coast is only 25 kilometers away. Aruba belongs to the Netherlands, but within this state it is an equal part of the kingdom and therefore relatively independent. The island has its own constitution and determines its own government.

Aruba is not in the catchment area of ​​hurricanes or hurricanes. Sunny summer weather prevails here practically all year round. The trade winds provide cooling.

Many species of cacti found on the island are imposing and impressive. The aloe plant is also common in Aruba. Another highlight are the Divi-Divi trees that are characteristic of the island. If you want to find out more about the flora and fauna of the island of Aruba, you should visit the Arikok National Park. Practically all local plant species can be found here.

Due to the unique flair of the southern Caribbean, tourism is the main source of income in Aruba.

Aruba Landmarks

Aruba is a good choice to spend your vacation there, as there are a large number of different sights and a wide range of activities.

Aruba has a particularly exciting nightlife to offer. There are several casinos, bars & clubs, various live shows and even cinemas here. The special thing about it is that there is even a drive-in cinema.
Water sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth in Aruba. Here you can practice various water sports such as parasailing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, snuba, windsurfing or kite surfing.
Those who prefer to stay on land can practice their sports here. In Aruba you can play bowling, go on bike rides, golf, horseback riding, play tennis or just keep fit with various fitness exercises.

But Aruba has just as many attractions to offer such as B. Arikok Park. The park stretches about 18 percent of the entire island. The interesting landscape can be explored on hiking and biking trails. There is a lot to discover here, from cactus fields, rocky coastal slopes, white sand dunes, imposing heights and rock information.
There are some important historical and cultural sites in the park itself. There would be B. the houses of the earlier settlers but also rock paintings from the native residents of the island.

Nature lovers get their money’s worth on Aruba. You can visit the Bubali Bird Sanctuary here. In the vicinity of the area there is a water treatment plant through which the birds get the appropriate water. There are two connected artificial lakes in which the birds can rest or nest nearby. Up to eighty different bird species were counted here at weddings. The residents of the bird sanctuary include various species of herons, scissors beaks, cormorants, coot and several different species of ducks. The specialty of the bird sanctuary is an observation tower to be close to the birds in the height.

Another unforgettable sight in Aruba is the butterfly farm. Here you can experience the beauty and diversity of nature live. In a tropical garden you can see butterflies from many parts of the world. Among them there are fantastically colorful and absolutely extraordinary specimens to be seen. Visitors to the butterfly farm learn a lot about the life cycle of these special animals. So the guides of the park tell visitors a lot of interesting stories. Anyone who has bought an entrance ticket for the park can still visit it free of charge during their vacation.

The island’s landmark is the stone California lighthouse. Most visitors come here during sunset to experience this fantastic view from above.

There are many interesting caves in Arubato visit. There would be B. the Guadirikiri Cave which is known for its two chambers through which the sunlight shines. The cave goes over 35 meters in the dark, many bats live. There are many shallow caves in the northeast of the island. The Frontein Höhe is very popular with tourists. On the ceiling there are cave paintings of the Arawak Indians which give a clear insight into the history of the island.
But the Huliba cave is also very popular. Since the entrance to the cave is heart-shaped, it is often referred to as the tunnel of love. The cave is around a hundred meters long. It is definitely worth exploring various caves in Antigua, as there are a lot of rock paintings to be seen here.

Other attractions in Aruba include the donkey sanctuary, the historic gold mines, the natural rock bridge, the Lourdes Grotto, the ostrich farm and various rock formations.

Aruba Landmarks