Apartment Apinages and Its Yellow Cabinets

Creative reform in Sao Paulo: the holes in the yellow cabinets resemble constellations. Know Apartment Apinages, office Zoom Urbanism.

To observe the confusing distribution environments versus the quality of the tacos and height of the ceilings, the architects stated that the apartment of 109 m2 still had salvation and potential.

Greater integration between the spaces has been established, combining kitchen, social area and a balcony with a beautiful view of the city.

Glass doors and large windows to favor natural lighting and air circulation.

The clients, a young couple, have great interest in astronomy, translated by perforations and colors of carpentry, which dispenses handles and keeps well ventilated.

The concrete and exposed brickwork give loft to air the project, which still has two bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry.