A Home for Every Type of Person (VIII): Dormers

Following with the types of houses Today it is the turn to the dormers. Usually in the upper part of housing, such as attics and traditionally intended for storage.

However, with the problem of the shortage of space more and more the dormers they are being aimed at housing, both independently (i.e. all the attic is a floor), as further (what was once a storage room now is one room of our House).


As always, these homes have advantages and disadvantages. In this case primarily due to the architecture of the House and withinthe building layout.

As disadvantages we have mainly the fact that roofs are triangular, so that at certain points in the housing it will not have enough height.

This also implies problems in the distribution of furniture, Since regardless of the surface of the housing, we will have to take into account the height of the ceilings at each point to distribute furniture.

In addition, they have all the disadvantages of dwellings located in the highest part of the buildings, such as access for people with mobility problems or in buildings without elevator.

There is also the disadvantage of the lighting, and it is usually lacking windows, except those that can be found in the roof and terraces.

However they also have some advantages, as for example the fact that tend to be more economic zones of buildings, as well as being quite broad if not in height on surface.

On the other hand also is the fact that the absence of neighbors, shared with attics that Yes, they do not usually have outer space and tend to be very little light.