10 Tips to Optimize the Space of Your Kitnet

Kitnet, microapartaments, bedroom and kitchen, there are several names for places 20-35 m², and usually one problem: lack of space.

But you do not need to suffer from poor circulation and tumultuous furniture in your space or when designing its customers. By following the right tips, you can optimize the space and leave your larger room-and-room and clean. The website separated this guide 10 tips to help you decorate your kitnet functionally and tastefully. Check it:

Light Tones

As this is an extremely limited environment in terms of space, dark colors can leave the dense, suffocating place. Therefore, when deciding which color to use on the walls, bet in neutral tones and clear preference.

This illuminates and expands the space and allows the decoration objects have more bold and strong colors.

But if you want a little more color the environment, highlight a single wall. Choosing the right color, you can give an interesting result.

Planned Furniture

They are one of the most effective alternative when it comes to enjoy space. How are custom-made, you can take every centimeter of housing, without waste of space.

A useful tip is to look lean against the furniture on the walls. Thus, the movement area is free and prevents objects to make the environment tumultuous.

Apartment Uniform

Investing in a single type of coating for the floor improves communication between the spaces of the house.

Preferably, choose smooth parts without drawings or textures. This will help give a visual unity to the apartment, and also be a way to expand the environment.

Sliding Doors

The sliding doors are one of the most recurring solutions for space saving. Why do not occupy space in time to open the door, they are the perfect solution for cabinets in kitnet.

Another way to apply this tip is using sliding doors to separate the rooms. They make it possible to create a small room for a more intimate or just for the room not be smelling food order to use the kitchen.

Shelves and Niches

Abuse shelves and niches. It is an effective outlet to optimize the organization of the apartment.

Can replace the cabinets, kitchen counter tops or even desks. They are ideal for installations are attached to the wall, so do not interfere in the circulation area of kitnet.


As space is very limited, use the verticality in their favor. Enjoy all the space you can to the ceiling, especially if the kitnethas high ceilings.

This may even be an idea for installing shelves and niches mentioned above. The more you take advantage of the vertical space, more compartments you will have to arrange your environment.


Probably the device most widely used and known to enlarge spaces.

In addition to bringing clarity to the environment, mirrors give sense of depth and magnitude. For small apartments as a kitnet, bet on a large piece that occupies most of one wall.


In any environment, the plants bring color to the apartment.

As in kitnet the ideal is to opt for bright colors, green contrast with the environment tone gives an interesting result.

Not to occupy space in the circulation area of ​​kitnet, they can be hung on the walls or ceiling by special hooks. Remember to let them near the window to take advantage of the sunlight.

Bunk Bed

If kitnet is inhabited by two friends, two brothers or whether the intention is to have an extra bed for visitors, opt for bunk. You can have two comfortable places to sleep in a functional way and taking advantage of the space.

Room Dividers

To leave a little more private dorm or separate kitchen room, bet on environments dividers. They can be of different materials: from curtains to offset wood. Thus, it is the impression that the apartment have space to house several different rooms.

To take advantage of space, bet on multifunctional furniture. A good example is the cast shelves, which in addition to acting as partitions, can be a housing alternative for personal objects or decoration.