To celebrate Christmas, the store’s lighting design, Years light illumination, He has joined one of the most representative of Spain luxury firms,Lladró, to mount one of the most spectacular in recent years.

The years light lighting firm organizes a special showcase on the occasion of the Christmas for years. The result of the collaboration has been Mademoiselle.

Lladro will expose during 6 months the spectacular model Mademoiselle, a collection that reinterprets the iconic ladies of the brand in a fresh and colourful language. It will also do so accompanied by the costumes created by designer Carlos Haro are you inspired by these flirty lamps.

Manufactured by hand in workshops of Valencia in high quality porcelain, each lamp is unique. These ladies wear period costumes allowing light to pass through their skirts and with own brand saturated colors.

Romanticism and femininity in the style of Jane Eyre, which will give warmth to any room. “Vote soon” will be difficult to locate, but do you think for a dresser or vanity ultr female or a guest room?

Sharing the same philosophy of work, Luz Iluminación years thus becomes official dealer of Lladro figurines, providing the luminaires of higher quality and exclusivity in the market.

Do you think the result of the? collaboration between these two giants of design?

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