Here I am this time for a test of a flashlight. That way you’re thinking yeah right a flashlight it’s still nothing less than a flashlight …

But I’m sure you’ve already experienced situations where a flashlight for tinkering have been useful such a power cut and obviously you have no candles at home or you have to get the mail because you are have not thought when it was day and you want to turn on your flashlight, but inevitably your battery is ruined (you know the big stack flat which serve ever and therefore you that you never in stock at home !!!) … it feels a little experience but I’m also your case … And the DIY level I also have examples where a flashlight is helpful tjs well: tinker under a sink, go under the eaves, under the car, the engine …

Well me and yes I found a small flashlight which is helpful for me really well all those occasions where I galérais before it comes to the Worklight flashlight brand Wholesaleably.

With a long battery life and very white light, it is light, compact and very manageable. It’s true it does not light the end of the street, but at the same time it’s not what I want and this is far Equipped with a base of aluminum and adjustable head, it is equipped with an internal battery and comes with charger. It does not take place and easily into the glove box (it’s good I never put in grave “gloves” in this lol box and this time I renamed the lamp box lol  )

Worklight brief the lamp is very versatile and practical; although we recognize the Bosch brand (even with a simple but effective product). Yet I sought a fault I have not found except perhaps its price of around € 40

As usual I enjoyed making a little video demo and use the lamp if you want to see

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