Wine Decorations for the Home

Are there people who do not like to enjoy good wine? Whether in some events or at home, it is liked by many people and there are already specific sites to facilitate and customize your use.

Furthermore, it is known that drink a glass of red wine per day because many benefits such as improvement in the skin and the bloodstream of influenza prevention, colds and even cardiovascular diseases, remembering that it should be consumed without exaggeration and do not harm to the health 🙂

But what to do with the bottles of wine after consuming it? This question came a sustainable and very fashionable trend for environments decoration. Continue to follow and learn more about this idea:


With the recycling of bottles of wine to make them become decorative items, this kind of decoration make the things what would be thrown out turn into art works to bring sophisticated and advanced style to the interior designers, forming an environmentally friendly attitude that explores the functionality of objects.


One of the best combinations for a good wine is an engaging lighting at To achieve this result, bet on the decoration can be good. With flashers, conventional lamps and even candles, you can make the empty bottles become incredible lamps of different colors and sizes for your wall or desk.

Vases and table arrangements

Another simplest use for bottles is turning them into potted plants and table arrangements. With ties, string, paint and other items of your choice, you can create beautiful objects for your home or even for events such as weddings and wedding.

Warning: Remember that handle made of glass is dangerous. So do not hesitate to seek the help of a professional to do any object with bottles of wine.

If you prefer not to risk making your own objects, you can also find similar decoration products in specialty stores.

In Brazil, ReWine is the first one. Launched in 2016, the shop came on a trip to Italy, where the owner Sandro and his wife met fell in love with the decoration. Thus they began producing handmade glasses, candles and other decorative items with recycled bottles of wine.


Another way is with the corks of wine bottles. With raw materials, cork is a very interesting material in time to decorate, combining both classical and modern environments.


Starting with the wall, you can explore the color and effect of cork with creative frames. With a wooden frame and glass panel, just go throwing the corks within the frame to form a fun and very beautiful piece in your decor.

You also can take the cork texture to create murals with the corks of bottles consumed. Just stick them or put them together in a frame to decorate fuzzy toys, photos or lists.


On the floor, you can apply the corks on carpets or decks to make the area outside your home more stylish. Another idea is to apply them to stepped stairs. The steps were filled with wood chips, but would the corks not fit well?


Even after consuming wine, the decoration may be present on your table. Besides being able to enjoy the corks as lids for pots, you can use them as coasters for pots and cups, creating pieces of various shapes and sizes.

Do you like the trend? If you have any ideas to share with us? Please comment below.

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