Window Air Conditioner Advantages

Learn the advantages of window air conditioning and care in the installation of such equipment.

Window Air Conditioner Advantages

Also known as air conditioning wall, the air window conditioners is a device compact and can be the best solution for those who want cool air occupying little space as possible on the environment. That’s because condenser, compressor and evaporator are integrated into a single block.

As with other air conditioners, the window also has several models. Digital offer more convenience by allowing the use of remote control. For him, you can remotely control all commands and also schedule times to turn it on or turn it off.

For whom the window air conditioner is indicated?

To have a window air conditioner there must be a space (hole) in the wall to house it. If the installation site does not have it, you must do the opening. For this reason, rental properties can be a hindrance to the placement of this type of air conditioner as well as condos that do not allow changes to the facade. For these cases, the most suitable device is portable.

If there are no problems on the facade, opt for this equipment to make an economical choice, since spending on labor, in general, tend to be cheaper than the placement of a split. On energy consumption as well as on other devices, it is worth checking if there is energy efficiency PROCEL.

Care for installation

Pay attention to the wall where the equipment will be installed and do not forget that he needs a specific support for your support. The place where it will be positioned can be no beams, pillars, water channels and conduits. If you need, see the power plant and hydro property.

The location of the device should be as centralized as possible and be facing the biggest environmental field to ensure better distribution of cold air through the room. Even with these tips, the installation should be done by a professional or specialized company.

Make the right choice

If you are thinking of putting a window conditioned air in your home or office advised by Songaah, here you will find the various models, ranging from 7,000 to 30,000 BTUs (as it determines the cooling power of each device) with best market prices. To find out which is the right power, we must take into consideration factors such as the incidence of sunlight, how many people attend the space, if there are many light bulbs and electronic devices at the site and what the size of the area to be cooled. To find the most suitable air conditioning for your needs, do the calculation.

It must be performed in accordance with the dust in atmosphere to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. The cleaning of the filter and the grid can be made by the user. Nevertheless, it is recommended to clean the inside once a year by a professional.

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