In Decoesfera continue, as always, in search of the best designs to the best prices. On this occasion we have chosen, to find the best deal, a very famous, now classic lamp design and three specialty online stores that I have already spoken on other occasions: Todolifestyle, Atylia and Madeindesign.

The Midsummer Light is a design of the Dutchman, currently based in France, Tord Boontje for Artecnica in 2004. It is made in tyvex, a tough role, with cut-out motifs of leaves and flowers. It measures 76.2 high and 45.7 cm diameter and is formed by two sheets of different colors that overlap and are placed on a support cone that keeps them away from the heat of the bulb. It comes in a kit to mount with two blades, the lamp holder and a cord.

There are six different models: white, silver, pink, purple, green and red. We have chosen for our comparison the red, formed by a sheet of tyvek yellow and one red.

Photo does not do her much justice, but the play of light is very pleasant. On the website of the Studio of the designer you can see a little better.

In the shop of Todolifestyle We can be found by 99.50 more 7.50 shipping: total 117 euros, VAT included. They are also available in green and white color at the same price.

On the web site of Atylia It is not in the catalog. However, if you have it in Madeindesign where it costs 74.25 (25% less than in the first shop) more 7.20 shipping. In total 81.45 euros, VAT included. That Yes, the offer is only for the color red.

Unless due to special circumstances of stock or low in catalogue it is very difficult to find large price differences between brand design objects. So, if you had in mind to purchase this lamp this is without a doubt the best chance for save yourself some good money. The offer only lasts until August 5.

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