What to Do Before Starting a Reform

Our house is a space that should accommodate us very well. So when we feel the need to make changes there, nothing more natural than to reform. But this is a big decision in a person’s life and should be well planned and executed.

The website has shown 7 care to be taken in reforms of labor to concrete. Now, you will find out what should be done before you even start the reform; care are extremely important and will be decisive to the end of the work. Check out the following:

On or to Be Reformed

Put everything on paper. All. Draw and write how you want the room stay when renovated, as this will facilitate the work of architects and designers, when contracted, to improve and adapt your mind later, as well as the professionals who put their hands dirty (literally).

From there, make a list of everything you will need and seek to specify the products and materials. It is also important to calculate the space to check the drawing scale and size products such as furniture, for example, already know if everything will fit in the room or if you should look for another option to decorate it.

A tip: the dimensions and forms of the product that you want to enter the room, grab a crepe tape and draw in space to imagine the outcome and whether it will work, thinking about the visual as well as space for inputs and transportation.

Time to imagine what will be the environment with the reform, look for references in magazines, books and on the internet and keep what you like in a notebook or digital file, making notes on what caught your attention there. This will inspire you to get ideas for planning the visual and environmental functionality, and choose products and make decisions and if you are a professional building and construction, be sure to check and download the plguin to budget and find products, materials and tips for your projects.

About Professionals

To better plan the steps of their retirement and what will be placed in environments in place than it is today, consider hiring a professional. This is even more important if, during the work, you have to move on technical aspects such as the structure of the house, masonry, electrical and hydraulic lines.

Search hire professionals for their retirement that have been recommended by family and friends that goes from the architect to the person who will paint the wall of your home. Indicated professionals tend to be more reliable and to show more service because they do not want to lose your value statement. Also, remember that when talking to you, the professionals will give an estimate of the total time for the work to be completed, but there are chances of that time be extended.

If you choose to use special finishes and materials in your retirement, make sure that the workforce is familiar with them. Otherwise, in the process you will have to find another professional, which means more money and time lost.

Hire professionals such as architects, engineers and interior designers is also very important in the matter of the budget, since they have more experience with it and how to handle it. Read more about the budget in the next section.

About Budget

The budget reform must contemplate from hiring professionals and materials for the reform to the final part of the decor. Be aware that a good amount of money will be invested, maybe even a little more than you think, and so it is important to develop a very complete budget, specifying each element with the brand, price and value delivery, instead imagine the costs and go kicking. In this sense, a professional is very welcome, but this choice could further increase costs.

If you decide to make the budget, do, redo and redo again. Check if the value is always hitting and try to remember all the items. Moreover, it is important to set aside money for unforeseen events.

The website already made ​​a full post about planning your retirement budget. Read here.

About You

Yes, you. It is naive to think that nothing will change in your routine when a reform is taking place at home. So, plan the logistics of the project to decide whether to do it and how is your life in the process.

First of all, think it is more worthwhile to reform or look for a new place to live. Sometimes, the reason for reform is so great and the cost can be as high to sell your house and move to another can be a better alternative and more feasible in many ways.

If you chose to do the reform, all right, but make sure that this is a good time in your life to such a big change: either financially or emotionally. If you are already going a big change in your life, think about whether it can coexist with the change of your home. Of course, there are some changes that may require reform, as the arrival of a new child at home, the host of their parents, among others. But if the change is stressful, such as a divorce or job loss, make a home renovation can make matters worse.

During the time of retirement, where will you be? If the room is undergoing changes, for example, there is another room in the house that can accommodate you? This decision is important for your routine and also for the professionals who will be working there. Another alternative is to stay in the house of their fathers, brothers, boyfriend and others.

A great thing to do for a reform is taking a vacation. It is very important that you can be available to visit the work or to buy products and solve problems that arise along the way.

Finally, for the reform to be quieter and generate less discomfort both for you and for those who end up being involved as a result, there are some important steps to take: If you live in the building, notify the landlord that the reform will take place. This is also important because certain condominiums have time for the riot to be released and for the movement of materials on the stairs and elevators. Moreover, whether at home or apartment, always tell your neighbors, since they can be bothered by the noise or the drive. Even if you can not receive any material or product at any given time, they can help you.

Any other question? Just ask for us in the comments 🙂 And if now you know where to start the reform of your home, get to work!