The decoration is a concept also present only current and at the same time so timeless. Beautify her home was already practiced in the time of ancient Rome or be decorated the walls with mosaics, murals or trompe l’oeil.

Decorative Arts have evolved mainly in technology helping to develop new materials such as decorative wall stickers transcendent wall decoration.

Decoration sticker

60 years in the Decade of the 1980s, borders are disappearing and stickers decorations are appearing to a new style… It is after the years 2000/2005 deco stickers are really going to be discovered and promoted by the specialized press and decoration magazines. Stickers and decoration have become inseparable. He must admit the decoration sticker is easy to use and perfectly in his time. To seduce us decoration stickers respond completely to this trend of ‘do it yourself ‘.

Decoration sticker

The decoration is no longer reserved only to specialists, interior designers… All the women took the subject to make the decoration of their living space and design wall decors with more imagination.Deco or Internet broadcasts have probably also contributed to this development and are often important materials. Check for bathroom wall decor stickers.
Mural decoration took the opportunity to move and deco adhesive helped further expand the range of creative possibilities.
Stickers and colors come with our daily lives. No limit in terms of creation, associate them according to your desires, and mix styles.

Sticker set

This season already foreshadows the trends of tomorrow. We think vintage deco, design and simplicity. Between yesterday and tomorrow’s trends, wall decoration stickers combine both simplicity and styles in our contemporary world. The deco sees all the colors to stick closer to our desires.
For a more Dapper spring, opt for a decorative adhesive paper in bright colors to play the good mood. For the half-season adopt shades of gray or red hot to awaken all the senses. All year, play your own words with adhesive letters stickers.
The adhesive stickers are more more reserved than the only decoration of the walls but also furniture, windows, refrigerators…
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