Reissues just as pretty

Still as trend, retro style finished not seduce us. And side mirror as he knows how to make us crack. The famous rattan models of the 50s or the famous witch mirrors back to the front of the stage to give our walls resolutely look vintage. Living room, bedroom, hall, they proudly invite in all the rooms. Spotlight on five old mirrors that have not aged.

The rattan mirror

Boosted by the wave of retro, rattan sign a comeback in our interiors! Ended the old image that stuck to his skin in recent years, today it stands proudly in any room of the house to warm the atmosphere chair, rocking chair and of course mirrored. If you particularly like finding old models shaped flower, apple, diamond or star on flea markets, know that major retailers offer vintage style mirrors. AM PM in the mirror rattan is round or square but just as retro as the 50s.

The sun mirror

As its name suggests, the sun mirror is designed such that all its branches represent, once fixed to the central mirror, a sun and many rays. The best known of them is the model Vallauris 50s, gold and many branches in metal . Easy to find in empty granaries, it nevertheless proves quite expensive … We then prefers cheaper editions and that load very well the role. Our favorites? The large light-wood model of Kampar at Maisons du Monde and Soly mirror all dressed in golden Paragraph.

The witch mirror

French design icon of the 50s, the witch mirror has the distinction of being a convex mirror that is bulging. The reflected image is completely distorted, ideal to give its interior a touch of originality. Often circled by wood or large branches like the sun mirror, it is easily fixed in a hallway or in a room where it will not go unnoticed.

The triptych mirror

You probably know the triptych called “barber mirror” composed of three mirrors that fold over each other during storage. Not only reserved to the bathroom , one today dares in any room with a slight preference for the room and the entrance. Our heart stroke reissued: the model designed by Sophie Ferjani for Graham & Brown. We also love the highly decorative particularly XXL model that offers AM and PM we pass this time in his living room.

The rear-view mirror

If you like the rearview mirror, be prepared to get up early. For if one is found in many shops vintage or flea markets, difficult to see their successors among major retailers. Very recognizable with their form of ‘retro car “, precisely, they are ideal on a low wall in a hallway or the end of a corridor. Higher than wide, they can give height to the wall while being very decorative with their gilded fine contours.

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