The Spring Fur

The spring-summer is the season when new look, even that of fur: 3 rules to preserve and Lady Fur tips for reinventar furs with style and originality.


What do you do in the spring? I go in fur!

It is not a title effect but the simple truth. The world of fur never stops. About this you can read my previous article about square pillow cases here.

For furs in the spring and summer can become two great enemy if they are not addressed in the right way.

For fur laboratories these two seasons mean big jobs, because those accustomed to the use of fur, in these months the port to rebuild the look and become designers of himself.

Here are some tips / rules on how to treat your heads: think about what you have in the closet because I also refer to packages in fox or mink or gloves.

  1. NEVER forget them in a closet, maybe inside a plastic case, crushed along with coats, jackets and down jackets!The furs they need to get some air, the skins have to breathe and stay in a cool place: furs, in short, they must be kept in cavoux.
  2. NEVER abandon them in some box, closed in on themselves.The classic gesture of a furrier or a stylist is to lightly beat the fur dall’appendiabiti removing it so you drive up the hair, do in fact move.And beware: the hangers must be broad shoulder to prevent the head from being deformed.
  3. NEVER leave the dirty fur in the closet, although little used during the winter or in previous years.Have you ever heard of the moths?If you leave your dirty fur in a closet there will be serious likelihood that the document detracts from these annoying and harmful animals.

Do not hesitate, take it to clean. In Italy there are numerous cleanings.
Do not forget the fur of mothers and grandmothers in the closets because they are the values ​​that will last.

Take them, accarezzatele, provatevele front of the mirror even if you think they are “old” and then you work your imagination, put in motion creativity, imagine what you could do with that fur or better with the skins of the fur. A purse, a shawl, a bomber jacket, a vest. And again allunghereste, accorcereste, colorereste… ..

Yes, because the skins you can do just about anything, as you can see in my collection of furs. For example in the photo you see, I wear a sapphire mink stole was initially a fur of my grandmother and has been turned in stole from me.

dismantle and reassemble fur designers to create new ones. For example, the fur chinchilla and mink that you see in the picture was created by removing two fur, reinforcing the color and drawing the model.

I have friends who do not like fur and have inherited from deceased family members, have entrusted me asking me what to do.
Well, we are making furniture in fur: mink pillows carved and colored rabbit to be put on the sofas. Or sleeves in fur from sticking to coats, cashmere blankets lined in mink, bags, shawls, scarves – these are a bit ‘more discounted even if full of detail and color.
I have also been commissioned coating each puff covered in fur is a real show!

In short, this post to inform you that having a fur means having a value. Not maltrattatela: love, interpret this, turn it, but above all forget the concept of fur “coat” because it is really out.