You have constantly a headache? In the morning you wake whacked on and do not know why? Maybe you can it’s easy to change something – with the right pillow! What many do not know: A pillow is as individual as a mattress and should also be carefully selected, otherwise a penalty of pain and tension. We have put together some points that help you in choosing the right pillow.


So you’re sleeping well at night, the neck muscles must come to rest. To achieve this, you need to optimally relieve and support the shoulders and cervical vertebrae. Before you make up the search for a pillow, especially the relieve cushion, it is therefore important that you once you are thinking about how you total lie and what sleep habits you have.


If you are side sleepers, you should make sure that your head can maintain its 90-degree position on the shoulders to relieve your neck. According to high or low your pillow should be. Our tip: try it once with a special side sleeper pillow! So you support the one hand the head, but also the lower back optimal. Bye bye back pain!

On Front you should not sleep your sake back because your body can hardly relax in this position. If you feel that you otherwise can not fall asleep, the side sleeper pillow is a good option maybe for you as a stomach sleeper. The reclining position is also hingewandt the mattress and provides you with it a similar feeling, but without the rude awakening with back pain. For back sleepers a rather flat pillow, such as “is recommended TempraKon Air “, otherwise the head is pushed forward.


Would you rather a hard or a soft pillow? If you are the type who falls preferably in a soft pillow, is a high-quality down pillows something for you. The higher the down content, the softer the pillow. Feathers in the pillow filling give the pillows more supporting force. If the pillow is pressed, it is directed through the springs again. When you need even more support, a neck pillow as is “Contour” of WellPur  a good choice. The question of the degree of hardness leads us to the topic of fillers.

Which pillow stuffing you pleases? As with duvets you have a choice between at pillow natural and synthetic filler. Down and feathers have the advantage that they can derive good moisture produced during sleep. About the head most of the heat and moisture is released. Natural filler material can therefore be a good choice for you if you sweat a lot in his sleep. This does not mean that a synthetic filling does not come for you in question. Also hollow polyester fibers similar springs enclose a relatively large amount of air can wick moisture well. In addition, there are cushions in Visco – and memory foam that adapt to the contours of your body exactly orpillows with flakes filling . These three fillers are especially good option if you put a lot of emphasis on orthopedic correct storage and support of the neck region.

What pillow size you like to have? More of a narrow, elongated format  or a big comfy feather pillows? Tip: When pillow size you should make sure that you do not lie with the shoulders it.Because mattresses usually have a special shoulder zone which then has no effect, which can lead to tensions.

Liege feeling, feel the filling, the size-all you can only properly assessed if you have the opportunity to try the pad directly and probezuliegen. In our sample bed-sector can test the different pillow options and find the one that feels best for you. Let advise you-our trained staff along with you the best pillows in our large selection of different models.


How long a pillow retains its quality, depends and which, inter alia, by the maintenance, as it is claimed. Down and feather pillows should be cleaned twice a year. This not only removes bacteria, but also makes the pillow again fragrant and fresh. You can bring in the cleaning or wash it home and dry in the dryer your pillow. Very important: use necessarily special detergents on down are tailored or synthetic fillings.In the article “Care Tips for ceiling & Co.” you will learn everything you need to take care in this case.

Despite all care, there is a natural wear and each pad is aging.The restoring force of the springs comes with time lost and synthetic fillings club sometime. Since the kuschligste pillow is increasingly flat and you should – replace after three to five years-depending on the quality. And one you should purchase the next pad, you must observe: Never buy evening pillow! After all, who was all day long already up, which takes place each pad class.

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