The Best Flask in the World

Here you can find unique bottle the flaska  – a great gift idea and great can get a quick, easy and affordable quality drinking water.

1. What Is the Flaska?

Flaska is a product developed in Slovenia.
It is a bottle that has a special effect on the water. It is made ​​of glass and has the ability to modify the structure of water as that of pure spring water.

Water molecules have the ability to be grouped into so-called. formations – water clusters. These are linked to each other through hydrogen bonds aqueous macromolecules. In the pure spring water such clusters are smaller in size and are oriented to each other in regular hexagonal structures. Flaska favorable effect both on our health, and the surrounding environment. It has been shown by tests that it reduces the genotoxicity ie water bottles reduces the harmful effects of contained therein hazardous substances and chemical elements / BPA / BPA, antimony and others, on our organism. These substances fall into drinking water from plastic bottles in which is stored the pipes of the water supply network or for other reasons. The flaska  is made ​​of glass. The glass is chemically inert in nature, ie does not emit any substance and does not react with stored in it products and is the best material for making containers for storing food and drinks. On the other hand the bottle is reusable, leading to reduced production, use and disposal of plastic waste into our environment. Moreover, the glass is subject to 100% recyclable, and can repeatedly be used again for the production of bottles, jars or containers for storing food products. flaska  is made ​​of glass, but at the same time is designed so it also be highly resistant to breakage and weight convenient to carry in a purse, backpack or others. There are two sizes: 0.500, 0.750 l. The bottle is protected from the outside with special covers made ​​of cotton or neoprene in different colors and designs . Cases not affect the bottle.
The idea of flaska  is to be personalized water bottle. At any one time to be with you and provide eating a more useful and healthy water for your body.

2. How Does the Flaska ?

Fill the bottle with water / tap, mineral / after 5 minutes. Its structure changes and becomes similar to that of spring water in nature. The reason for this is that the glass that is made ​​flaska is specifically informed glass. Touching the walls of the bottle water receives this information and change its structure.
Used fact that water has a memory i. E., It has the ability to change its structure under external influence. The world famous Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has found experimental dependence of the structure of water from external effects / music, words.
He took samples of water from different places / rivers, lakes, springs, water mains etc / then abruptly freeze them under a microscope and taking photographs of water crystals. Establishes gap crystals formed of water taken from clean and polluted sources. In one case, the crystal is beautiful and well shaped, and the other lacks any form of crystal. Furthermore, Japanese scientist found that a water crystal changes its shape under the influence of music and words.
Homeopathy is also based on this property of water. The aqueous solutions which are used there are so diluted that they virtually do not contain molecules of the substance having a therapeutic action. Water molecules of the solution adopted information obtained from situated therein molecules of substances with healing in nature and have kept it even once in the solution does not contain molecules of these substances – a high level of dilution of the solution. The therapeutic effect is transmitted from the water molecules and not by the molecules of the substance.

3. Technology

The glass contains 71% silica. By special technology and device developed in Germany programmed glass as it is done in conditions of low-frequency electromagnetic field. Carriers of information are silicon atoms from the composition of the glass.
Thus, the use TPS technology is based on fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, ie the transmission of information at the quantum level. Scientists engaged in this area are Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Masaru Emoto and others ..
the TPS technology improves water quality:
– reduces its genotoxicity / is proved by tests that it reduces the genotoxicity of water ie reduces the harmful effects of contained therein hazardous substances and chemical elements / BPA / BPA, antimony and others on our organism. These substances fall into drinking water from plastic bottles in which is stored the pipes of the water supply network or for other reasons.
– Reduces its surface tension / values ​​of surface tension of water passed through the bottle is decreased, thus the water molecules more easily pass into the cells of our body and is rapidly absorbed by us, the process of hydration is accelerated. Do not spend extra energy to transform water molecules to lower values ​​of surface tension to facilitate their absorption. Thus not wasting unnecessary energy to transform intake of us water before being absorbed.
The effect of the bottle can not be seen but can be felt.
People who have developed receptors for taste noticed that the water the bottle after 5 minutes. There altered taste.Some people use flaska say that water has a soft silk even sweeter taste.
A great example of the change that flaska  an attempt to lemonade. Lemonade made ​​with water from the bottle has a slight sour taste of this made ​​with plain water.
In addition, attempts have been made ​​to the sprouting of cereals, both irrigated with water from the flaska , and the other with plain water. There is a difference in the speed of germination, growth of plants in favor of those treated with the water from the bottle.
Positive results of TPS (Technology of Programming Silicon), technology for programming silicon is established and the so-called Allium test conducted at an independent cytogenetic laboratory in Slovenia. The results show that flaska with its programmed glass reduces the genotoxicity of water from 20.0 to 11.0 units, representing a 45% change.
Allium test represent the following experiment. The effect on the cells of plant organisms watered with 4 different samples of water / water taken from the water network, the same water treated flaska, distilled water, heavily polluted water.
The action of flaska may be 100% of at least 4 years irrespective of the quantity and quality of the water passed through it. After this period the effect of the bottle begins to weaken. The reason for this is the influence of the surrounding electromagnetic waves generated by various causes. On the fifth year he was 80-85% of 6th 70%, etc.
Let’s do something good for the environment and our children!
When drinking water from the bottle Reusable The flaska , you contribute a lot to the protection of the surrounding environment.
Every time you use The flaska, saving three liters of fresh water and ¼ liter of oil. Quantities of water and oil used for the production of a plastic bottle.
In addition, only 18% of the plastic in the world is effectively recycled. Everything else is accumulated in the nature as waste.
The use of the bottle flaska significantly reduces the level of CO2 feeds, which are separated from the manufacture of plastic bottles, as well as transportation, cooling and dr.protsesi related to the bottling of the water.
If a period of 4 years using flaska  instead drink water from plastic bottles, you will reduce your own carbon footprint.
According to the GHG Protocol, company EKOGENCA professionally calculate the carbon footprint of flaska . It’s worth only 23.42 grams. CO2 per month. Calculated the in 2011 for European market.

4. Save

Using flaska  You save and money. If you are using potable tap water bottle by improving its quality and not having to buy mineral bottled water. It is also not advisable to drink only bottled water, it is not beneficial to our organism.
The investment for flaska  not a big allocated to four years from 10 lev per year / per bottle of 45 lev example /
effect of drinking such water is not instantaneous, it occurs over time. We drink more useful to us water, I feel full of energy, hydration of our body becomes faster as long as you water that is absorbed more easily by our bodies, drinking this water, we quickly and easily flush our systems of harmful substances accumulate in our body.
The special structure of the water helps to capture accumulated in the body of harmful substances and their subsequent disposal.

5. Tips

-Washing bottle becomes an ordinary detergent for washing dishes.
-No Recommended dishwasher, electric motor it creates an electromagnetic field. Water entering poured from the bottle can retain its structure within 24 hours if it is transferred into a glass. Water entering can to stand the bottle up to 2 days, then it must be reset as it starts the development of microorganisms that pollute it.
-If prepare hot drinks, tea, coffee. First, cook, cool to 37 degrees and pour into the bottle.
-Cap do not affect the structure.
-Flaska Is a personal water bottle. The idea is to consume water from the bottle repeatedly and continuously throughout the day and not be stored in large containers and quantities.
-Existing Number of methods for structuring the water, but all are applicable only at home. The flaska  can be worn everywhere and always with us and gives us water with better qualities for consumption throughout the day.
Water entering the bottle has no curative properties. Does not change the pH of the water in the treatment with the bottle.
It has been found that the use of flaska  leads to a reduction of the consumption of soft drinks and coffee at the expense of an increase in the drinking water.
The cap is the most vulnerable place of the bottle, because it is used / opening and closing / multiple per day and could deform.