Taking Advantage of The Solar Light LED Lighting (With The Help of Philips)

We like, we want to strive in make maximum use of resources. Solar energy is fundamental and this line of Philips take us a hand when it comes to using it at home level. Capture solar energy and enjoy its light during the night is already possible with the mygarden hide and Philips Solar line.

Open spaces are an extension of the home, try a small urban oasis in an apartment in the city or a lush garden in the periphery, and are as important as any other room. These spaces allow us to enjoy the sunshine and be near the nature.

It is where kids, where to entertain us with our friends play or where we relax at the end of the day. A good quality lighting You can help us to prolong the moment outdoor.

The mygarden hide and Solar lights They provide more efficient outdoor lighting energy, since they have been designed to take advantage of solar energy and to a natural, powerful, bright light during the night. To tell with LED lighting, you will receive a warm light of great quality at dusk. It has of a battery It provides up to six hours of luminous intensity. You can choose instant light that turns on automatically at night or you can save energy when you need it with a switch and a motion sensor.

Mygarden hide and Solar have been carefully designed with high quality materials they are practically maintenance. The range of Philips Solar mygarden hide and seek It has a variety of designs that are suited to each style. Whether it is from the “Raven” illumination, gently curved, the strong angular design finished in stainless steel, “Greenhouse”. There is a style that adapts to each House.
Philips Solar mygarden hide and captures solar energy and allows you to enjoy its benefits throughout the night. I leave the video so you can see how it is installed.

What do you think? Do you fancy them to install on your terraces, patios and gardens line Mygarden hide and plot of Philips?