Table Decorations for Home

When a home must have the right mood when a room has to be something very special, or when the table should be covered up for the big party dinner, it is indispensable to get around fine products here. We offer for great light in all sorts of colors and shapes!


The offers everything from classic and traditional, black candlesticks to a gold colored light that allows for variation. Our many paraffin-light, stagelys, kuglelys and other great products from well known brands such as Be On Fire and Villa Collection, and the many lights in various colors allows you to mix and match, so you get exactly the phrase you are going for!


The lights can be mixes with napkins, which thus provides a unique atmosphere and table setting every time, whether it’s a cold winter night or whether it is a festive birthday. The number varies, so both you, wanting a room filled with light, and you, who want to keep it simple, get the desire fulfilled. The many unique shapes and colors allows you to experiment with the visual expression and create the right atmosphere by mixing new design with older design, a classic color with a fresh color – only you set the limits!

Contemporary Simple Candle Holder for Candle Light Wrought Iron BlackWhite