Small Rooms: 41 Photos of Rooms Decorated

A while ago, I did a post about Ideas for Decorating a Small Room, where I spoke about the choice of furniture, wall coverings, colors, curtains, and gave several tips on how to decorate small rooms.

Small Rooms 41 Photos of Rooms Decorated

Today I decided to do a different thing, brought out some selected projects from small rooms to explain based on the pictures what was done so that the spaces become cozy environments, inviting, and of course convey the impression of spaciousness, even when dealing with small rooms.

Remembering that this article is not only about the decoration of the rooms is also about the design of the interiors, the space planning, the distribution of mobile and it is clear from the strategies that the architect and the designer have used in the projects, the decoration is on account of the frames, cushions, vases and other objects that serve to decorate.

I hope you enjoy of the selected projects and also of the galleries of images with more ideas for small rooms living, are 19 photos inspirations. We’re going there?

Small Living room

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Dining room Small

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