Small Room Decorating See Photos and Ideas

If you’re starting to decorate the living room and she is small, it is important to optimize the space so that you don’t end up filling the environment of things that will visually pollute the space and still keep banging the knee that wouldn’t need to be there.

Decoratividade nodes we today give you a little help for you to decorate your small room so simple but with a lot of beauty and good taste and you will see that some simple and easy ideas will make all the difference in the environment.

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

First, if you’re still renovating or building and just here looking for ideas of what to do, a good suggestion if the room will be small is to leverage and integrate the environment with the kitchen, as we talked in aprevious matter.

This will give you more useful space to move around and also an amplitude effect to both environments. The general rule for small environments also applies to the room, which is to choose light colors for the walls. The lighting must be something else to get attention, so let the well-lit room and avoid incandescent lamps, which warm the atmosphere.

The furniture must be low to not give a sense of suffocating environment, and in choosing the couch prefer a comfortable but not very spacious, as many sofas that only with the size of the arms together occupy the place that could be a side table.

The choice of colors must also be considered for the furniture, and if you want to add bright colors and strong, prefer to do this with details like beanbags for example.

If it is a very small room, do not use coffee table, because otherwise she will disturb more than help. Place support tables on the sides of the couch. If you buy a coffee table you prefer with glass top, which gives lightness to the environment.

In choosing the cabinet where the TV, in addition to being low, prefer a useful space underneath since there in addition to the dvd players or bluray you can put even magazines, dvds or other things.

Place shelves on the walls, narrow and use a soft color and tone next to the wall to paint them, so you’ll have more space to put things in the room and they will be subtle.

As the rest of your house or apartment can be small too, if you don’t have another comfortable place for reading, can add a lighting fixture, not to occupy space on the coffee table, should be a floor lamp (“leg lamp”). The lack of space for a new sofa, a compact, lightweight chair can be very useful.