Small, Medium and Large Sustainable Kitchens

Select photos to inspire you to turn your kitchen into a pleasant and environmentally friendly space.

To organize everything in a practical way, the images were divided into small kitchens, medium and large, so you can tailor the best tips for your project.

The coolest thing is that most of the ideas listed here can be replicated in your home without works.Change a tap, for example, can make all the difference. Check out the tips with suggestions for products:


Sometimes the kitchen is summed up in a wall. In this case, it is important to plan the environment so that you do not see moving obstacles. Leave bearings and dry dishes near the sink also prevent the tap to stay open for long.

The design of this kitchen is bright and position objects and spices close at hand. Another example of valuing natural lighting and space optimization.

When you need to combine the kitchen and dining room is important to measure the movement of the chairs and table position, so you’re not constantly bumping into corners.

Bet on colors and good finishes in faucets and records. After all small kitchen is not synonymous with no personality kitchen.

In this project, there is a faucet with retractable hose, which helps in dishwasher cleaning without making mess.


Slate walls are a tendency to kitchens with style. You can make them with paper contact or special inks available in the market.

Along with the reuse of pallets, chests and reels, this type of coating appears to have won the decorators. Learn how to use them in this post.

To be environmentally friendly, you can also invest in a mini-garden in the kitchen and grow their own spices and foods.

If you will opt for a renovation, check that all building materials have legal origin and quality. If you can, refill the remains of materials, they can generate pieces of furniture and rustic details in your kitchen.

The energy efficiency of appliances is also important in the kitchen. Look for energy efficiency labels like Procel, which classifies the device A to G according to consumption.

Another important point related to home appliances is the distance. Devices that produce heat, such as the stove, should stay away from the refrigerator, you need to keep a cool temperature. The further these appliances become each other, the lower the compensation grid, which means energy savings.

Lighting is another important factor in this environment. The correct light can mean savings and a better appearance of the food. To learn more about it, check out the post Decorating Tips: Lighting .

Better lit, your kitchen should have pieces with better finishes. Get to know the line of LED products that will leave your kitchen even more beautiful.


Spacious kitchens can also be economical. Choosing the right materials can be decisive in this matter. Aerated taps, for example, can reduce water consumption by 12%.

Stone counter tops are unsustainable. Opt for produced with certified wood or synthetic stones.

Sustainable cuisine with a touch of green. See how easy it is to create low maintenance species and assemble vertical gardens.

colorful touches are always welcome. Accompanied by chrome trim, they can give the style and efficiency to your kitchen needs.

In small, medium and large spaces, sustainability and design must go together. That’s why the products are for your projects.

You can check prices, models and installation costs here in the website, just access the manufacturer’s products in this link .

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