Small Bathroom Designs Decoration Ideas


  1. Decorate small powder room spending little
  2. Small but modern bathroom

First we go to the difference between toilet and bathroom, since some people do not know. If you don’t know this difference, do focus on this article.

Bathroom at least has a toilet, sink, a shower and even a bath. It is a room designed for the complete bathroom amenities. While the toilet only has toilet and sink.

It is simple, isn’t it?! For your basic utility, usually the wash basins are small, after all there is no need to spend much time in them. This does not mean that you have to neglect your decor.


If you want to make your sink well cute, but can’t or don’t want to spend a lot on this space, just make a beautiful ceramic coating, and the pills are widely used in such cases.

You should also put a mirror in front of the sink. The largest mirror that fits in that wall, and it’s going to have an amplitude to the room and will make your room more beautiful.

If the sink is not so small, put a vase of flowers on it. You can even use artificial flowers, which is also very pretty and gives a charm to the room.


If you can spend a little more, buy a good tub.

Items include records, paper holder, towel and tap are always more beautiful if they are stainless. A little shelf over the sink is also wonderful.

If the space is big, equip more mirrors and small frames, preferably reflecting these frames. But don’t put a mirror facing each other.

The lighting can be a decorating item in which you can invest to transform the environment. You can place points of light on the mirror or a very modern lamp with a matching color of the wallpaper or wood, if the decor is rustic.

The rustic decor has been widely used. You can use Wicker baskets or bins to store items such as toilet paper, towels and even magazines in the bathroom. The mirror’s frame in this case should be made of wood.

There is also a good option to decorate the small powder room with wallpaper and wooden lining on the walls, ground, and even on the ceiling. A very beautiful wood flooring gives a special charm to the room.

Avoid placing very large dumps in a small room because it not only takes up a lot of space, but also gives a bad impression. Use the high and narrow one and keep them clean.

For a rustic decor, a wonderful idea is to place a short wooden ladder and hang towels in your steps. They are very beautiful.

Even in a small room, you can put various cool stuff. A beautiful and interesting bathroom decor show your visitors that you are a careful person and pays attention to the small details.