Small Apartment Reform: the Deposit of 36 m² House

This project meets all modern references small apartment, mezzanine, furniture design and creative storage solutions with a difference: the reform preserved unfinished elements 1980s.

Wallpapers flowering half, exposed wires and spackling without application of paint were kept as part of the “charm” of the project, based on an unfinished reform of a deposit.

The former owner wanted to turn what was a furniture storage warehouse in a living space, but got sick during retirement.

30 years later the house was sold and renovated by the architect Karin Matz, who has chosen to preserve these transition elements as part of environmental memory.

With proper repairs hydraulic and electrical network, the project of 36 m2 should still meet customer requirements, which called for a generous space to accommodate all your appliances, good ventilation, closet and a large bathroom, the minimum costs.

The result is given in two different environments. The first condenses the kitchen, bedroom, closet and living room, painted white to reflect light. Wooden niches and glass partitions accommodate the customer’s belongings.

Colored pendants and furniture modernize the space and create a greater contrast with the peeling walls and loose wires, which were barely touched in the second part of the project.

The connection between the two spaces is given by a bathroom with green tiles, you can check out in the gallery at the top of the page.