Simple Double Room Decor

The double room is one of the environments that need to be more friendly, since there the couple can sleep and share life together, so it is necessary to devote attention to the time to decorate so that it fully like both.

For being an environment shared by two people, of course the decoration should take into account the taste of both, and if this is too different, the suggestion is to choose a third decor that let both satisfied.

A tip to know what sort of answer better both is go together to look at furniture stores and also decoration, so they can clearly see what gets better with each personality, and therefore can decide what is right for the couple.

How to Decorate Bedroom

In choosing the colors for the walls, if it is a small double room preferably light tones to give the environment a relaxing and pleasant climate. The white color is almost always the best middle ground between the couple when there is doubt. Bold colors can be used in detail. If you’re still building, think also in the colors of the floors.

The bed is practically the main item of the room, so you see how she will be willing to take advantage of the space environment in the best possible way. Depending on the size of the place, it is preferable to have a double bed not too big, and a simple choice as this can improve the space for two people to travel without difficulty.

The furniture must be purchased with care not to exaggerate and fill the environment of things. The closet should not be exaggerated, just the size that is really necessary for the couple. The colors should also be clear to help give lightness to the environment. Other furniture required are servants and dumb, and if you want to optimize the space instead of buying other furniture place shelves.

Have a small couch is a good idea to avoid using the bed for all. In it someone can sit down to read a book, watch TV (which can’t be stuck to the wall, should be in a narrow mobile) or wear the shoes, for example. A large mirror on the wall, in addition to useful in time to get dressed and get out, helps to cause an illusion of spaciousness.

The lighting is very important in decorating, then let the master bedroom bright and a helpful tip is to invest in a small lamp to leave on the nightstand, so if one of the two you want to keep reading for example, the light disturbs the other. If you prefer, a lamp is ideal to create a milder climate and romantic.

Double Bedrooms Decorated – Photos

With these tips you can have simple decor for bedroom, and have a warm and cosy environment. See also a gallery with pictures of double bedrooms decorated to inspire!