Relief Coatings: 9 Ideas for Your Project

Angles, volumes and textures are increasingly present in building materials. So far the two dimension, the website separated 9 coats of ideas for their projects, with textures available for download on your 3D model.

Neutral in color, strong in expression. We started with cementitious coatings betting geometry to highlight walls and facades. Depending on the material, laying can be done in a horizontal, vertical and interleaved positions. A good lighting scheme enhances the material.

But there is also room for the colors in relief coatings. Depending on the tone and texture, you can get finishes ranging from modern to rustic. The assembled below are made of ceramic and cement.The coolest thing is that irregular effect comes down to the front, while the installation is simplified by plates format.

Fabric and leather are also part of the options of three-dimensional coatings. Made by hand, they are filled with cardboard or foam. The most delicate workmanship restricting the use of materials to design interiors. They are generally used to cover walls of living rooms and headboards. Check the following models.