Pouf Container: Suggestions

The ottoman with storage compartment as well as being very complementary areas from an aesthetic point of view, are very useful solutions to give a quick fix to clothing and various objects that would otherwise be left around the house, thus helping to maintain the general order of each environment.

Designed for the bedroom as handy containers for garments of the night, they are finding it increasingly spread also in the other rooms.

In living as a magazine rack and closed as a footrest chosen in conjunction with the sofa; in the kitchen as containers for dish towels, potholders and tablecloths and how original sessions in form and color, compared to the classic wooden chairs; in the bathroom as a laundry basket, and how comfortable seat while you entertain in beauty treatments such as pedicures and manicures.

In short, the Modern Design can not do without the pouf. In different designs, in bright colors, in different materials, but all share a very useful storage space, which may favor the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Cubical and in three main colors: white, beige and black, ottoman Model 401472 of TecTake.

It is a stable seat, made ​​of resistant material, with decorative coating in synthetic and upholstered seat skin. By removing the top cover to access the container unit, comfortable and roomy.

A versatile complement, as useful as chest that as a container for objects and clothing. Elegant and well finished, combined with halls and rooms furnished in modern style.

It could also be placed in the bathroom to be used both as a seat or as linen quite original. Read reviews of pillow cases on NecessaryHome.com.

Flashier in size and color options available on chest Model Miadomodo.

It is a very large ottoman: 85 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 40 cm in height; with frame in Media Intensity Fiber; sponge padding and upholstery leather. Available in many color variations: orange, black, gray, beige, white, red, burgundy, green, purple and brown.

Raising the padded seat to access the storage compartment that is particularly large. This quality makes the chest model suited to the bedroom to collect not only the clothes of the night, but also the bedding: sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads …

An addition made in colors so bright, to ensure a breath of vitality and pleasure in each room decorated in very modern style.

It is aesthetically different from the other models for its release in vintage style pouf Number FSS34-L-FR, the SoBuy.

Also in this case it is a chest of considerable size: 76 cm in width, to 38 cm deep and 38 cm in height. A complement the structure of which is made ​​of MDF, the PVC coating, leatherette cover for easy cleaning and care.

The removable cover provides access to the container unit useful as a magazine rack in the living room and laundry basket in the bedroom.

The strength of this model is the vintage print that characterizes it: a portrait “faded” and a nostalgic bit of Paris and all its beauties.

A classy accessory, able to embellish any environment decorated in a modern style, with mostly light colors in furniture and in the draperies, and dominated complements of great charm and romance.