Pillow Decorations to Make

The most modern pillows now with 3D decoration. In the shops you will find them with huge seals flowers. A skilful and creative natures can easily develop them yourself. You must comply with the fabric of the pillowcase. For fine cotton fabrics or taffeta suitable decoration of fine lace, while thick fabrics like damasks and plush can decorate with cotton lace, ribbons and buttons.

Here are a few ideas:
* Tassels on the four edges;
* Grandma small napkins crochet;
* Mami carriage – with Bulgarian embroidery that socialism decorated Bulgarian coffee tables;
* Flower brooches from wool, cotton yarn, felt or tulle; you do not need them even sewing – just attach a safety pin, and when you need them to put them on coat / blouse; the condition is either a huge flower or several small.
* Ribbons and cords – wrap them and sewn according to your imagination with Satin pillowcases;
* Textile butterflies of hardware – leave their wings free and sew them only halfway.
So much beauty can be born under your fingers, then decorative pillows will return it many times.