Pico House

Sao Paulo office design SPBR arrive on European soil. The building alternating panels of glass and wood in the city of Lugano, Switzerland.

It is on uneven ground that the six floors of the building settled. Built in collaboration with the office Baserga Mozzetti Architects, the complex named “Peak House” has a commercial ground floor and residential apartments ranging in size of the program.

The angled design was supported by a perpendicular wall structure T-shaped concrete and gables added cylindrical pillars, which dispenses the beams of the slabs.

The facade is detailed by Angelo Bucci, which states: “Each opaque plan relates to a transparent”. Resulting in a beautiful, integrated work to the public space, due to the two-way design of connection via a free pass and garden at street level.

Below, precisely the 250 m depth, a geothermal probe was buried, part of the heating scheme that combines an advanced air conditioning system and insulating elements, which maintains the thermal comfort in the business units and housing, to enjoy the magnificent view provided the large balconies.

The interiors also feature authoring furniture SPBR, composed of Bucci, Tatiana Ozzetti, Juliana Braga and Nilton Suenaga.

The Pico House also has garage with natural lighting and storage area.

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With information Journal aU and newspaper Clarion。