Photo Mural to Decorate Rooms



Check out ideas from photo murals for your room

The room is the home environment that more has its owner’s face. This room, which is made for rest and relaxation after an exhausting day, need to be decorated with enough attention, after all is the environment in which you’ll spend hours of your day and needs to be that special place. Thus, the room is the ideal place to accommodate more personal decoration items and photos, which need not be only in pictures. Check out several ideas to mount a photo mural to decorate the bedroom wall and be inspired.

Choosing the Wall for His Mural of Photos

When choosing the wall for his mural of photos is important as it is a visible space and wider, so the walls above the bed or over your desk are ideal for a mural. Despite this, you can choose the wall that you want, including that more hidden if you get scared of get sick of your mural.

Choosing the Photos

After choosing the wall for his mural of photos is time to choose the photos that will be part of your mural. In this step, is up to you to choose the ones you like, but it’s nice to prioritize the most beautiful like travel or places you’ve ever met and merge them with photos with friends, family and myself.

Today, with the rise of social networks, we ended up posting more pictures online and getting them more with the phone than with cameras and revealing them. A good idea is to separate your favorite photos from your photo-sharing network that you use most and print them on photographic paper, you can do this even at home.

Ideas for Mural Photo to Decorate the Wall of the Room

Time to make your photo mural to decorate the wall of the room, you must release your creativity, but you can find many references and inspirations on the internet.

Photo Wall with Cork 

This option is the simplest and just buy cork pasting it on your wall with double-sided tape banana. You can leave the cork with your natural appearance or coat with printed fabric of your choice. Once this is done, simply put your photos. In addition to the pictures, you can place drawings, phrases, buttons, among other things to decorate.

Magnetic Mural Photos

This is also a simple but more expensive option, since you’ll need to buy a magnetic board, which usually has a high price. Arrange your photos in the frame by investing in cute magnets. You can find magnets to pets, letters and other formats in R$1.99 stores.

– Mural of Photos with Comics

If you want a different photo mural to decorate the wall of the room can choose to make a composition using multiple small frames for paintings and put your photos. Choose frames and different formats for a lot of fun.

If you want you can merge the frames with photos with frames with phrases or mirrors with frames. Browse to choose frames of the same material to create a harmony.

– Mural in Heart Format of Word 

Another creative way to organize your photos is a photo mural shaped like a heart. To do so, arrange your photos first on the ground forming the heart to then put them on the wall with the help of the tape. You can also have your photos so that they form a word that means something special to you. Release your creativity.

– Mural of Photos on Line 

Using string or wool yarn you can create a clothesline on the wall of your room to put your photos, trapping them with mini preachers that can be colored. You can also do several lines forming a clothesline.

Photo Wall with Lights 

You know the lights of Christmas that you saved after removing the decor? You may include them easily in your mural. To do so, arrange your photos on the wall the way you want and pass the lights around the mural making a border or passing through the pictures.

Photo Wall with Chalkboard Background 

The chalkboard wall is super high and you can make your photo mural with bottom of board. For this, you can choose to paint your wall, there are already several tutorials on the internet on how to achieve the effect, or you can select the contact paper matte black and coat the piece of the wall that you want by placing your photos and writing with chalk words around, creating a mural very different.

Inspired by the ideas and make your photo mural to decorate the wall of the room creating a warm and full of memories.