Pets: Which Is Best for Your Family

The domestic animals are a joy of the children, are the companions in the lonely hours and become true members of the family when they receive a lot of affection and love from their owners. But the fact is that each pet has peculiarities that need to be analyzed before it is chosen to integrate the family.

Pets Which Is Best for Your Family

Some pets need more space, a large yard, attention from their owners, outings and special care, while others are more independent, do not need much to be happy and fit anywhere.

Besides the characteristics of the animals, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of their owners. There are people who like lizards, snakes, spiders, while others (more popular tastes) prefer cats or dogs. Some people are allergic to hair, and this should also be taken into consideration when choosing the animal.

To facilitate your choice, let’s look at the characteristics of some animals. What they eat, what they like to do and how they behave.


Known as man’s best friend, this animal is present in the lives of many families. They are affectionate and faithful to their owners. Even the bravest ones often adapt to the family with ease, and even to children.

Watchdog: Some dogs are bought or adopted with a primary interest: keeping the house. In this case, the larger dogs, braver and faster, and with an amazing bark are the most chosen. Among the many breeds of guard dogs, we can mention the most popular: Rottweller, Pitbull (may be docile with owners, but very aggressive with strangers), Doberman and German Shepherd.

Guide dogs : Once trained, some dog breeds can be very effective at assisting the visually impaired. They can walk alone alongside their owners (visually impaired) in a very safe way, directing the way and getting rid of obstacles. Suitable breeds for this function are: German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever.

Dogs usually like to run around, walk around with their owners, play and stay with their family while their owners watch TV, eat or sleep. They are very affectionate and may become depressed if they do not receive attention from their owners or if they are kept for a long time at home. Some races do not fit into apartments.

They feed on feed and water, and need special care to avoid fleas and ticks. It is necessary to vaccinate him and take him to the veterinarian periodically so that he stays healthy.


Cats are more independent. If the owner does not take good care of him, he may leave in search of food and a new home. Unlike dogs, is not an animal very loyal to the owner, but also likes affection and attention.

They do not bother with the presence of strangers at home, so they do not serve to protect the family. But on the other hand they are great companions and love to be pampered. Besides, they hardly give a job, because they do not need their owners to take them for walks, they do not usually make dirt on the carpet, because they only do their physiological needs in a sandbox (when they are taught), nor do they need periodic baths like dogs, since they themselves take care of their hygiene (with the tongue). Other advantages: They are not noisy (except when they are “dating”) and can be created in apartment.

Detail: Those who want to breed cats should be aware that they need to sharpen their claws, and if they do not find another suitable place for them, they can cash in on the sofa, furniture, carpets or doors. It is good to arrange a piece of wood especially for them at home. It may be that this way the sofa (main victim of cats) is put aside.

Like dogs, cats also eat ration and drink water, need to take vaccines and visit the veterinarian periodically. For those who have allergies to hairs, the best thing to do is to avoid cats at home.


Cute and very funny, these rodents are also very dear to children, but having them at home requires a lot of care, after all they are small and delicate. The first thing you need to do to create a hamster is to buy a safe place for it to “live”. It can be a cage (wire or plastic) or an aquarium (glass or plastic). It is necessary to remember that these animals are very clever, and open doors easily, so it is good to caprichar in the lock of cages or aquariums, otherwise the little one will be able to escape quickly.

Besides the ration, hamsters usually eat their own feces. This is normal for them and even healthy, so you do not have to be scared or try to stop it when you’re doing it. Like any other pet, it needs to drink water, so it is essential to leave a little bottle of water inside your accommodation.

Hamsters need to stay in an airy place. Nothing to put the cage or aquarium in hot places, as close to the window. In addition, they love to play and exercise, so it is good to buy specific accessories sold at Pet Shops to brighten the pet.