Hello my lovelies, how are you? How was your weekend? Jacaram much? I jaquei a “little” Yes! KKKKK mainly because yesterday I was in a super party mimosa a friend’s friend Yes, a petfriend! That’s right my friend dog, Govind. It is a super sweet dog and is experiencing a health problem, so my friend Melissa did a party for her. So she gathered her friends and the kids to an afternoon filled with treats and lots of love!

This issue of animal raised as son generates some controversy, sooooo many begin to speak: Will adopt a needy child, will make a charity, go do something useful, go to p. … … and so on! I don’t want to generate any controversy, not maaasssss, helping underprivileged children (Yes we help), will help stray dog (Yes we help), will adopt a child then I say, will you! Do you know why? Why each person does what he thinks is best for your life and it’s not the “others” who will throb. Many people are unable to look at his own navel. So my gentyyyyy, each a look at your life and not for the neighbor. Let’s be happy with whoever we choose, man with woman, woman with woman, man with man and so on. Without prejudice and without criticism, let’s see the bright side of life and each to be as happy as you want, any way you want and who you want “!

As my friend Melissa is super capricious, the party got all cute, and just got even better with the sweets of Auntie Gianna Araújo (I’ve done several posts on her blog), follow the instagram her developer, another cool thing this party was that my friend met all the kids her condo, they made the biggest party with snacks and sweets you see, look how easy it is to please a lot of people doing good! At least had someone doing an action, rather than poking the stick in the lives of others and doing nothing! Sorry for the rant, but my readers there are so bad people in this life and especially in this virtual world! Come see how was the party of Govind, and inspire yourself to give your puppy too, so you put together your friends and spend beautiful moments and happy, especially when there are a lot of kids around.

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