Mattresses in happiness, your comfort is our happiness! To sleep well at night, it is necessary to have a comfortable pillow and tailored to your posture . If it is almost time to change your pillow or if you just ask how to choose the right pillow you enjoy this article in which we will present the five brands available here. Good discovery!

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The choice of a pillow is important. A suitable pillow helps to better sleep, less fidgeting during his sleep, do not wake up with pain at the nape, the neck or shoulders that will last all day. You should know that the choice of a pillow depends on the position of sleep and morphology. Indeed, good sleep, it is important that the muscles of the head and neck are perfectly relaxed. There are also the spine is in a good position. How to choose his pillow? Follow the steps.

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Having difficulty sleeping is the “o”, a turn-around, turn around, and sleep does not happen as you think it should. When you sleep badly, or wake up in a broken state, with body aches, it may even be that you suffer from some sleep disorder, but it may also be just a matter of position, pillow or heat in the room.

The posture we have in the bed, the way each one sleeps and twists, is definitive for us to have a better quality sleep so let’s take a look at some tips that may help you achieve a more comforting sleep. Read More →

The ergonomic pillow with qualities that are more to prove

The ergonomic pillow shape memory:

-A pillow of Clinilab, range range high quality and technological
-Extraordinary comfort, foam memory of form
-Relief of pressure for total efficiencypoints, follow the edges of the head and neck
-Support medium for the sleepers on the back, for the sleepers on the side, and the sleepers on the belly, one head on the pillow
-Strong support for the sleepers on the side with the arm under the pillow
-Guaranteed hygiene, double envelope: an envelope of cleanliness + a washable removable sur-taie at 40 ° Read More →

Most people, almost two thirds, sleep at night mostly on one side or the other. As back sleepers or stomach sleepers have special needs to her bed. Slatted, mattress and pillow can assist side sleepers find a deep, restful sleep.Well rested and recharged the side sleepers can then morning bounce fit out of bed!
Westwing knows the needs of side sleepers. We have compiled the most important information that will help to create a sleep environment to your needs perfectly adapts and so not only promotes a relaxing sleep, but also preserves the long-term health. We also offer to our daily new themed sales that repeatedly around sleeping and relaxing rotate, to all related furniture and accessories that make the nights for each wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable.

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If a good night’s sleep recharges the energies and makes all the difference the next day, having comfort at the time of rest is essential. Therefore, besides not neglecting when buying the mattress, it is also very important to know how to choose the right pillow.

When the pillow is not suitable for your body and your nocturnal habits, some symptoms like body aches and that feeling of having slept badly can arise over time. Read More →

Pillows are indispensable in a comfortable and cozy house. In my opinion, a home without them is nothing more that feeling of “hug in the soul”. I know some of you, like me, buying several of them not knowing where to put them and how will combine them. Read More →