Home Lighting

Crafts to Make with Old Light Bulbs

When the bulb you stop working, do not rush it away. Today we’ll show you some interesting ideas on how to make a decoration of the old bulbs. Depending on the shape and color, there are different ways of transformation. You can decorate your home with new elements during the holidays. Fill them with your favorite […]

Home Decoration

A Doll to Represent the Idea I have of Myself

Do you feel more or strawberry muffins? flying fish or hammerhead? A nun or a devil? With a built-in doll hat + you can express your personality, as explained by the following equation. Matsu-o is an illustrator Valentina Russello project: 9 dolls, 9 characters (the frog, the hammerhead, the nun, the ant, the winged fish, cat, muffins, strawberry) with 9 […]

Home Decoration

Surprise Yourself with PVC House Doors

Material can be used for the manufacture of doors and windows. Used for the manufacture of numerous products, PVC stands out for its high strength and a product that resists moisture. Therefore, the material is applied in the manufacture of windows and doors recommended for installation in bathrooms, laundry rooms or giving access to the area […]

Home Decoration

The Spring Fur

The spring-summer is the season when new look, even that of fur: 3 rules to preserve and Lady Fur tips for reinventar furs with style and originality.   What do you do in the spring? I go in fur! It is not a title effect but the simple truth. The world of fur never stops. About this you […]

Home Decoration

Wall Stickers for Bathroom

Renew the walls of the house has never been so fun and easy! Thanks to the more colorful and fun stickers for the bathroom, you can donate nuance and lively style edges and give a twist  to the whole new room! Sign up for free on road and discover every day online many proposals of […]

Bedroom Accessories

How to Use a Body Pillow Pregnant

Every mother knows that immediately after birth the dream is becoming a luxury. The problem with sleep deprivation starts during pregnancy. The bigger the belly becomes, the more difficult to find a comfortable position for sleep. It is therefore necessary thing to hold simultaneously the waist, abdomen and head, providing comfort to the mother. Pillow for pregnant women […]

Home Decoration

How to Turn an Old Book into a Clock

You finally finished “Fifty Shades of Grey” and want to celebrate your life changing reading experience. One way could be to transform your hardcover novel in a clock. Rather than having literature just taking up space on the bookshelf, by re-purposing it a useful watch can mix both beauty and utility at the same time.

Home Decoration

Minimalist Design That’s Why Choose it

There is no place identical to their own home, or at least that is what many think: have we ever wondered if our house is actually a source of stress? After days of hard work or long walks, often we are greeted by piles of laundry to wash and iron, dishes and dust on the shelves. […]