If a good night’s sleep recharges the energies and makes all the difference the next day, having comfort at the time of rest is essential. Therefore, besides not neglecting when buying the mattress, it is also very important to know how to choose the right pillow.

When the pillow is not suitable for your body and your nocturnal habits, some symptoms like body aches and that feeling of having slept badly can arise over time. Read More →

Pillows are indispensable in a comfortable and cozy house. In my opinion, a home without them is nothing more that feeling of “hug in the soul”. I know some of you, like me, buying several of them not knowing where to put them and how will combine them. Read More →

The pillow plays an important role in your daily sleep. An ill-chosen pillow can bring back, neck / shoulder problems and even cause insomnia . With so many different types of pillows, how do you know which pillow is best for you?

A pillow should privilege some fundamental elements, which are:

Comfort-The more comfortable you are in bed, the easier it will be to fall asleep.

Correct sleeping posture-A good pillow supports your neck and head, putting them in the correct posture for the prevention and muscular pains in the neck, back, head and shoulders.

So you want a pillow that is comfortable for sleeping and one that properly lines your head, neck and spine, providing you lasting comfort, avoiding future pains. Read More →


Among the Accessories for excellence that they will miss within the home are the pillows. These are really essential to enrich and enliven the corners of the House too anonymous or to relax as comfortably as possible.
The small pillows to decorate your apartment could really make a difference and make your own relaxation area. The latter you will find it in rooms such as the living room and bedroom.
In the following tutorial exposed below, I will explain more specifically how to make and decorate a colored cushion. Please read and follow all the information provided, so as not to be disappointed by the end result obtained. Read More →

Definition: the nursing pillow, maternity pillow, pregnancy flounder, or any other equivalent name is your best friend when you are suffering from heavy legs, sciatiques of back pain during your pregnancy. It accompanies you during the course of birthing. He is the companion of your NAP s and your peaceful nights, in this it borders even place of lover when you don’t know how you position yourself to sleep or relax. It will be your ally to feed the baby without getting back (the one that speaks to you fed a girl who did 7 lbs in 9 months and a son who is 7 kg in 3 months. In one case as in the other back and crossed legs take a shot…). You will probably discover at your midwife, or by a friend if it is well-intentioned and agrees to deliver some of its secrets to stay a great future-MOM! It allows, depending on its size, feeding twins simultaneously, and in the case of caesarean section allows to feed the newborn breast or bottle feeding without pressing the scar. It is a multi-purpose, versatile, product to be sustainable because whole family adopts very quickly. The dad to sleep better, have less pain on the back, or simply relax in front of the TV. For bottle feeding also dad appreciate that very much. You may also like place in the park or bed to reassure baby, use in transat 1 age, then calibrate your toddler when he begins to sit.Later your child will remember, it is often an object to which it attaches and likes to feel settling, coiled inside.

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The bedroom is one of the places in the house that need extremely comfortable items, be it furniture or accessories, as it is the room where we spend most of our lives and where we recover our energies for the next day.For being the most personal environment of the home we need items and a decoration that demonstrates the personality of those who live there. Thinking about it, we’ve put together some tips on how to make a printed pillowcase.

Pillowcases are usually made of comfortable and durable materials, such as 100 or 200 thread count cotton, can be found with different colorations and in specific formats for each type of pillow. But still making your own printed pillowcase is a great option to give even more originality to your own bedroom. Follow the tips of Westwing, take inspiration from us and transform your decor! Read More →

The owls arrived with everything in the decoration of houses. Are lovely and give a special touch to the environment.

Besides being super high, it is possible to make beautiful décor in any environment.
Nowadays has everything with this theme so delicate and cheerful: dishcloth, wall stickers, owl curtain, anyway!

How about be inspired with our tips and make your decoration using these cuteness! Read More →

Before kicking your partner out of the bedroom, did you know that there are natural ways to treat apnea? There is a solution, especially for the milder cases that did not reach the levels of sleep apnea. The very one prepared a guide to the natural solutions to the problem. No more sleepless nights, both! Read More →